Current version

  • Actual version is v1.6 intended for newest Craftbukkit versions.

Basic information

  • This plugin sends data to custom .PHP file on your website using GET headers. The data is information about current server status, e.g. Online/Offline, number of online players etc.


Configuration file

useSecurityKey: false
securityKey: '12345'
callUrl: ''
connection-timeout: -1
ignore-list: 'player1,player2,player3'
refresh-rate: -1
  • On the first start of server with this plugin the plugin creates folder ServerStatus and the configuration file. Then you have set data in config and restart the server.
  • In configuration file config.yml you can set useSecurityKey (true or false), your security key and full path (adress) to the .PHP file.
  • Security key can be any expession you want, you will need to set it only in this config.yml file and then in .PHP file. Key will be sent by plugin in GET header, and the .PHP file will check if it is equal.
  • Then you can set connection timeout. It means how long time give you to plugin to connect to .PHP file. (in milliseconds)
    (set -1 for default timeout)
  • And there is a ignore list. Players in ignore list will be ignored from counting and listing players (plugin won't send them to .PHP file).
  • Finally you can set refresh-rate to some number of seconds. It means that the plugin will send newest information every x seconds.
    (set -1 for disabling periodic call)

.PHP file

  • File code and download link: click here.
  • In this .PHP file is only easy script to read data from GET headers and to write it into .TXT file. You have to set the security key and if you are good .PHP programmer, you would be able to rewrite the code to whatever you want (e.g. write data to .HTML files, to MySQL database,...).
  • You can choose, if you want to have banner.png or some TXT file with server status. Banner will look like this:
List of GET headers
  1. sec - The security key
  2. status - Status of the server, can be Online or Offline
  3. name - Name of the server, loaded from server-properties file
  4. motd - Server's message of the day from server-properties file
  5. ip - IP adress of the server, loaded from server-properties file
  6. port - Port of server behind the IP adress, loaded from server-properties file
  7. plsnum - Number of online players
  8. maxnum - Maximum number of players, loaded from server-properties file
  9. players - List of online players
  10. log - Reason why was the URL called (It can be "Starting up Minecraft server", "Stopping Minecraft server", "Player (name) has joined the game", "Player (name) has left the game")
  11. plversion - Contains version number of this plugin
  12. bkversion - Contains version number of used Bukkit version

  • Don't forget to set correct information (server-ip, server-port, server-name, max-players) in server's file!

Commands & Permissions

  • serverstatus.reload - Allows you to use /serverstatus command, which reloads the config
  • serverstatus.ignore - Player with this permission will be ignored from counting and listing players



  • Added option to set refresh-rate to -1 for disabling periodic call or set it to any time in seconds
  • Added option to set connection-timeout to -1 for default timeout or set it to any time in milliseconds
  • (and no kidding, now is the java.lang.NullPointerException error really fixed! :))


  • Really fixed java.lang.NullPointerException error ;)


  • Fixed java.lang.NullPointerException error


  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException - was thrown when noone was on the server and it tried to substring empty string
  • Fixed sending of "Offline" and "Online" status
  • Added co-op with


  • Update for newest CB
  • Completely rewrited code
  • Added refresh rate
  • Added new GETs for bukkit version and for plugin version


  • Added ignore list (players on this list will be ignored from counting and listing)
  • Added ignore permission
  • Added configurable connection timeout (in seconds)


  • Fixed problem with communication of plugin and PHP file.
  • Fixed problem with permissions.


  • Added: Obtaining MOTD from
  • Added: Command for reload config.
  • Fixed bug with obtaining player names.


  • Added: If you don't specify server's IP address in, plugin will get the IP address of local machine.
  • Update for CB 1.3.1-R2.0


  • First version of ServerStatus.

To do

  • Set connection timeout in seconds
  • Setting players to be ignored from counting and listing.
  • Option that you can choose to create image banner by .PHP code
  • Obtaining the MOTD from file
  • Command to reload config
  • Getting IP adress from local machine, not from

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