So what is this?

Ever saw those hack clients and wished you could do cool stuff too..

Except you know. Without that whole hacking part.
Well this is a plugin which allows clients to hack. Without a client mod installed.

Even NoCheatPlus is convinced you are hacking!

Sounds cool. Whats the features of this and how does it work?
Just read on further to find out what hacks you can currently enable.

To make this work I have a mixture of using the bukkit API and inserting packets.
Using reflection I modify your client connection to insert some packets in, such as making you hit a mob.

But couldn't you use bukkit api to make me hit a mob??
Nope. The bukkit api doesn't let me see how much damage you should do. Meaning it would be unrealistic damage.

For the sprinting, I turn up the clients walk speed, for the particles. I don't let the client tell the server he stopped sprinting.

Hacks you can use currently

  • FORCEFIELD_PLAYER - Forcefield, but targets only players.
  • FORCEFIELD_MOB - Forcefield, targets any non-player living creature.
  • FORCEFIELD_LOOK - Forcefield, Looks at the target instead of magically hitting with your back turned.
  • AIMBOT - Everytime you click a block or the air, you automagically target the closest living thing instead.
  • NO_KNOCKBACK - Never take knockback.
  • SPEEDHACK - Speed boost
  • PARTICLES - Always have particles under your feet
  • GOD - Don't take damage (Damage reduced to 0 hearts in most cases)
  • DERP - Look around randomly
  • REACH - Hit further with autoaim and forcefield.
  • JESUS - Walk on water/lava
  • SNEAK - Always appear to sneak

Some more stuff you may want to know

Each time minecraft is updated. This plugin will need to be updated as it does nms calls.
If you don't know what that means. Don't worry. It just means I'm not using the bukkit API in some cases.
And because of that. Every time craftbukkit updates. It should break this plugin.

WAAA. You havn't updated this for a while!!!
I have a life too. And I'm normally quite busy with the servers I manage.

So how do I start using this?

To begin. Use /hacks
Then use /hacks <Hack Name>
This turns it on. For most hacks you shouldn't notice a difference.
But other people watching you will see a difference..

To turn it off, run /hacks <Hack Name> again.

This isn't as good as the real hack clients!!
Sucks to be you. Grab nodus instead then. This isn't meant to be a replacement.
Its a fun thing I was thinking of. But I'm sort of against using it in a public server.. How am I meant to convince them I'm not auctally hacking!

Whats something fun I could do?
Make a enclosed room. Spawn a lot of bats. Hold a non-weapon and either go into gamemode or have a lot of food.
Then turn on forcefield_mob. Its even better if you turn on forcefield_look and watch someone elses screen.
Turn on forcefield_reach as well.

Is there permissions?
Sure is!
Permissions for each hack is "hacks.forcefield_player" and so on.
I hope you do not need me to explain each hacks permission.

The speedhack may present problems such as speed persisting after reload and restarts.
And yes. NoCheatPlus will hate you.

Anything else I should know?
Um. I love you?


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