Sensible Toolbox v0.99.2 (RC3)


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    Aug 20, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


v0.99.2 (RC3) (20 Aug 2014)


  • Added new Item Router module: Silky Breaker. This functions just like the breaker, except it will silk touch any blocks, pulling them directly into the router. Crafted with a regular Breaker Module plus an enchanted book with Silk Touch on it.
  • Added new component item: Subspace Transponder. This is a fairly expensive item, intended for use in advance applications where cross-world communication is needed (Ender Storage items will not require one).
  • Added new block: SCU Relay. Crafted with two Unlinked SCU Relay items (which in turn requires two 50K Battery Boxes plus other somewhat expensive items), this block always comes in pairs, and the SCU level of each block in the pair is always the same. This allows wireless SCU transfer at infinite range; however a Subspace Transponder must be inserted (in both relays) if the relays are on different worlds.
  • Recipe Book recipes with custom machines (e.g. Masher) now show processing time and SCU requirements if you mouse over the machine icon in the recipe page.
  • Watering can now actually looks empty when it is empty.
  • Watering can now works on sugar cane and cactus.
  • It's now possible to remove items from the Item Router buffer using the GUI (but insertion is not permitted, nor will it ever be).
  • The Paintbrush (and Roller) can now dye wolf collars.
  • The Paintbrush and Paint Roller can now stain wood planks and slabs. Requires gray/brown/white/pink/orange/black paint for the six wood types, and can be disabled in config if you wish (item_settings.{paintbrush,paintroller}.wood_staining)
  • Solar: the GUI light meter icon tooltip now shows power output when operating, and makes it clear that a PV cell is required if one is not installed.
  • Item Routers can now interact with other STB blocks if they're facing that block's label sign. Adds a little flexibility to how blocks may be placed (label signs no longer prevent item routers functioning, and is also a slightly sneaky way of letting item routers work from 2 blocks away...)
  • The Ejector Upgrade can now be right-clicked to open a GUI to select the ejection direction. (Left-clicking a block face with it still works too).


  • Vacuum modules will only suck up items which can be picked up normally by players.
  • Multibuilder bugfixes: item dupe issues when using attachable materials (e.g. signs, torches, ladders...)
  • Recipe Book will only show recipes for STB items if the player has permission to craft that item.
  • Any type of wood can now be used in the 10K energy cell recipe (previously only oak was allowed)
  • Multibuilder can't be used to replace unbreakable blocks like bedrock any more.
  • Recipe book: fixed support for custom furnace recipes added by other plugins.
  • Blazes will now only drop infernal dust when killed by players who have the stb.craft.infernaldust permission node.
  • Item Routers now pull from Ender Boxes properly (previously they got the global/personal visibility backwards).
  • PreciousStones block protection is now working correctly.
  • BUKKIT block protection type has been dropped; it doesn't work well and can lead to server-freezing situations. You need Worldguard or Precious Stones for block protection.
  • Fixed Multibuilder exchange mode giving 0-size item stacks if enchanted with silk touch.


  • Item Router Module GUI overhaul: white/blacklist, filter-type and terminator buttons moved over to directly beneath the 9-slot filter array. Added a new set of buttons on right-hand side of GUI to allow direction to be configured, as an alternative to shift-left-clicking the module on a block face (which still works).
  • Any GUI gadget which can cycle through a list of values (e.g. redstone activity, access control) now cycles backwards if right-clicked.
  • Small performance improvement for Vacuum Modules, especially if there are multiple modules in a world (some caching of item entities is done).
  • Minor performance improvement when instantiating STB items (which happens a lot) - caching constructor objects.
  • Overhaul paint can GUI: current GUI is rather cramped and unintuitive. Level monitor icon in GUI now shows paint colour.
  • Simple Circuits now take a bit less redstone to make (but two more gold nuggets).
  • Item Router GUI tweak: buffer slot is now shown in the middle of the GUI instead of top-left corner.
  • The default texture for GUI labels is now a book (suggesting information if moused over). If you're upgrading from v0.0.4 or earlier and want to change your label texture, you can do /stb set gui.texture.label book - will need a reload/restart after that to see the changes in block GUIs.
  • The Thoroughness machine upgrade has been slightly nerfed: instead of straight doubling the output, it will add between 1 and the normal output stack size to the output. E.g. redstone ore in a masher yields 6 redstone normally; thoroughness will add 1-6 extra redstone (if the chance was met).
  • Raised the internal SCU buffer of Dense Solars from 240 SCU to 800 SCU (8 x the buffer of a Basic Solar)
  • Machines which can output multiple items into multiple output slots (e.g. bones -> bone meal in the Masher) now properly distribute items across their output slots.
  • Multibuilder exchange mode uses a different algorithm now, for much better coverage (no longer heads off in one direction, but instead works outwards in layers).
  • Multibuilder build mode has also seen a bit of a rewrite, with a better block-finding algorithm. In addition, pressing shift when clicking now has a different meaning: instead of just placing a single block, it puts the multibuilder into line mode, where a straight line of blocks is always placed. See the Multibuilder docs for more details on this.
  • Hypersender Module recipe has changed, and now requires a Subspace Transponder and Sender Module to craft. Overall crafting complexity & cost is about the same, however.


  • Added ability for other plugins to extend RecipeBook class to make custom recipe books showing only items registered by that plugin.
  • Added onCrafted() and validateCrafting() methods to BaseSTBItem for more control over how items may be crafted.
  • [BREAK] LightSensitive interface has been deprecated, replaced by LightMeterHolder. BasicSolarCell has been updated accordingly.
  • [BREAK] DirectionalItemRouterModule and EjectorUpgrade now implement the (Bukkit) Directional interface. Due to this, their getDirection()/setDirection() methods have changed names to the Directional method names: getFacing() and setFacingDirection().
  • [BREAK] AbstractProcessingMachine getProgressIcon() method now returns ItemStack, not Material

See Changelog for full release history.