Ever wanted to make that food/mobfarm of yours fully automated or wanted everything in your inventory sorted into your many chests?  But didnt want to deal with tekkit or other complicated mods?
Well SenetiveChests is for you!
SensetiveChest allows for fully automated farms and item collection as well as item sorting while doing it!
     1.Download the jar file.
     2.Stop your server.
     3.Drop the jar in your plugins folder.
     4.Start your server.
     5.Celebrate!  It is now on your server!
     + /sc - Registers a wooden plate for item collection.
     + /sc cats or /sc categories - Lists all current categories.
     + SesetiveChests.Register - Allows a player to register a plate for item collection.
Configuring Item Collection (Optional):
     1.Put a sign on a chest.
     2.The first line must have "[Sort]" on it without the quotes.
     3.The next three lines can have,
    A)   A catagory name. (Listed in /sc cats)
    B)   The id of an item. (Doesn't support damage values yet)
    C)   The name of an Item. (A little glitchy still, works sometimes.)
    (Note: You can put 2 signs on a double chest but not a single chest)
Go onto a registered wooden plate a crouch to sort your inventory between the nearby chests.
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