Wardrobe V 1.7.1 (Code fix)


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    Jun 7, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


V 1.7.1:
Removed some pointless code
V 1.7:
Add this to the bottom of your config if you are updating please :)
Any errors are most likely from not having a proper config
V 1.6:
PLEASE READ: Please replace config with the config in the plugin page, or just make the changes :)

Added a new hub item which you can toggle on and off, what slot it gives to in, the type of item, and the name of the item. I have set it to default off, slot 4, blaze rod, and bold red "Wardrobe"
Also fixed a little bug with the config I miss-typed a word. (I typed %item% instead of %hat%)
V 1.5.7:
I tried to figure out some particles but I am running into an error
This update is just a small message fix
V 1.5:
There are now per hat permissions meaning you can give the player a certain hat!
(http://pastebin.com/P34xhA72) is a list
V 1.4.1:
Should fix an issue to do with java compatability
V 1.4:
The hats update:
Hats have been added! (135 to be exact)
Use wardrobe.hats to give this to your players
New plugin layout (More modern)
Please enjoy :)
V 1.3:
The config update:
You can now change the prefix from [wardrobe] to whatever you want (Supports color codes &4 = Dark red)
You can also change the lore of the armor type
I have a strange feeling the config wont generate so please tell me if it doesnt
V 1.2:
Added signs
V 1.1:
Fixed MANY bugs (Console errors some weird one about certain slots cant be used)
Changed remove all armor item to flint and steel

Please report bugs in the ticket section.