VIP wardrobe

VIP wardrobe is as the says a wardrobe plugin allowing players to equip armor, the layout is very user friendly and VERY easy to navigate!


Looking for an english youtuber to showcase the plugin


What does it do?:

VIP wardrobe is a great plugin to use on your hub server, just type /wardrobe and it will open up a custom inventory menu(As seen in picture below). All you have to do is click one of the armor pieces you want to equip! If you want to equip a whole set click the item at the top. You can mix and match by selecting different armor pieces to go with each other. Currently this is a pretty plain plugin but if you think something should be added don't hesitate to ask

This is my version of a wardrobes plugin you can currently equip gold, diamond, iron, chain armor, almost every block in the game, and lots of colored armor


  • wardrobe.gui: This allows the player to open the gui and use all armor features
  • wardrobe.*: Gives the player all armor types [BROKEN ATM]
  • wardrobe.cancelarmortakeoff: Stops the user from taking off armor
  • Gives the player the gold armor type
  • wardrobe.diamond: Gives the player the diamond armor type
  • wardrobe.iron: Gives the player the iron armor type
  • wardrobe.chain: Gives the player the chain armor type
  • wardrobe.leather: Gives the player the leather armor type
  • wardrobe.enchant: Lets the user enchant their armor
  • wardrobe.signmake: Lets the user make a sign that can be right clicked to open wardrobe
  • wardrobe.hats.*: Allows access to all hats
  • wardrobe.hats.<MATERIAL>: Allows access to a specific hat (Look for the block here and make sure it is in the hat gui first ex:dirt block would wardrobe.hats.DIRT)
  • wardrobe.heads: Allows the user to equip heads
  • wardrobe.colorarmor: Allows the user to equip colored leather armor
  • wardrobe.rainbow: lets the user equip rainbow armor


/wardrobe: Opens the gui to equip armor


(New option at line 120) (If you need to replace config just delete it and then reload/restart server thanks :)

To do:

  • Add leather armor [DONE]
  • Add a sign menu[DONE]
  • Add colored leather armor [DONE MORE COMING IN FUTURE]
  • Add per armor type permissions [DONE]
  • Add config to set the wardrobe prefix [DONE]
  • Add more pictures! [DONE]
  • Add a nicer layout [DONE]
  • Add option to disable in certain worlds
  • Add a menu to show unlocked hats
  • Add per hat permissions. Suggested by: TenchiPlaysMC [DONE]


  • Type /wardrobe to open a gui with 5 sets of armor for your players to equip. The lava buckets on the left removes the piece of armor(All armor types are in-line top bottom=Boots)
  • Create a sign by typing [wardrobe] when creating a sign, all you have to do to use it is right click it! (You can even add your own message on the third and fourth line of the sign)
  • Use a custom item(set in config) to open up the menu when you right click!

EXAMPLE: Is the pictures

Servers using this plugin:

  • If you want your server to be featured here post the ip in the description

Tutorial video(s):

1. [GERMAN] (New features have been added since)



If anyone wants to showcase this plugin we need an english tutorial video so just message me and you get your video showcased and channel/bukkitprofile in the credits :)

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