Sea Battle

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Sea Battle

This is a minigame where your goal is to destroy the enemies boat with (snow)balls. After building the arena and the following setup you can start fighting against each other! In version 1.1 economy got added, which means, you can turn this game even into a gambling game :) It works like a jackpot, everyone joins by paying e.g. 10$, but the winner gets everything that got paid back. You'll need Vault for this feature to work.

There's an updated version here, if this one doesn't work for you anymore: Be aware that the commands and permissions changed a bit.


  1. Build your arena. Should contain water ;)
  2. Type in /sb createarena [name] to start the process of saving your arena.
  3. Next create two spawnpoints for two different teams in the arena: /sb setspawn 1 [arena] and /sb setspawn 2 [arena]
  4. Create a little lobby and type in /sb setlobby [name] while standing in the lobby.
  5. That's it!

Now you can create a sign containing the following lines:

  1. [boat]
  2. name (your arenaname)

Rightclick this sign and you'll spawn in your arena in a boat and some (snow)balls in your inventory.

As of the 1.5 update you can now add Ammo signs to let people get more snowballs ingame:

  1. [boat-ammo]
  2. 64 (this can be any number; it determines, how many snowballs the player gets, 2 stacks would be 128)

These ammo signs are available only once to each player in a game.


  • /sb : Main SeaBattle command
  • /sb createarena [name]
  • /sb setspawn [number] [name]
  • /sb setlobby [name]
  • /sb removearena [name] : Remove an arena
  • /sb leave : Leave the arena ingame
  • /sb list : List all arenas
  • /sb reload : Reload the SeaBattle config
  • /sb reset [name] : Reset an arena
  • /sb recreateconfig : Readds the default config values (doesn't remove arenas)


  • boatgame.* : all permissions
  • boatgame.sign
  • boatgame.create
  • boatgame.setspawn
  • boatgame.setlobby
  • boatgame.cleararena
  • boatgame.reload
  • boatgame.list
  • boatgame.remove


  • alwaysdropboat: true let boats drop always themselves
  • invincibleboats: false invincible boats
  • boatlifes: 5 number of snowballs that need to be shot at a boat to crash it
  • playerlifes: 2 number of times a player respawns in one game
  • use_economy: true true, if you want the gambling feature
  • entry_money: 10.0 the entry price, please use numbers with decimal places. Only available, if use_economy is set to true
  • maxplayers: 10 defines, how many players can join an arena
  • minplayers: 2 defines, how many players are needed to start a sea battle
  • starting_cooldown: 11 seconds to wait before an arena game begins
  • teams: false enable this to have teams (max 2 teams)! Each team has a different head and uses one of the spawns as teamspawn. Members of a team can't kill themselves.
  • itemreward_itemid: 264 Diamonds
  • itemreward_amount: 2
  • announce_winners: true
  • auto_updating: true auto updates the plugin, if there are new releases
  • lastmanstanding: true if set to true, the last man standing in a sea battle (if everyone leaves) will win and get the reward
  • snowballstacks_amount: 3 the amount of snowball stacks to be added when a players joins a sea battle
  • ammo_usage_count: 2 how many times the player can use an ammo sign in one game


SeaBattle Lobby SeaBattle Arena


  • extend multiple item prizes with multiple item amounts
  • additional weapons like shield in the future
  • add MySQL support to store arenas and stats
  • min/max players also per arena
  • spectator mode

Green bullets are already done, yellow ones are still buggy or being tested, red ones not done yet.


The Config contains all strings used by the plugin. You can easily change them and the colors to your preferred language.

Additional Info

You can adjust the name of the boatballs by changing the strings.ball_name entry in the config.

You can configure boats to be invincible or drop theirselfs by changing the configfile, too. Defaults:

  • alwaysdropboat: true
  • invincibleboats: false

  • This plugin uses an auto-updater which can be turned off in the config. I don't recommend that for future bugfix releases.
  • This plugin also sends things like software information or online player count to MCStats (

Have fun!


For those don't want to read all that stuff or don't understand the setup instructions above, here's a youtube video with some gameplay and a tutorial. :P This video is by BukkitHorde, thanks to him for doing that for me!

Here's another review in Spanish:



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