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  • sullytheunusual created this issue Feb 15, 2012

    I have 9 views of a menu for warping to different levels in a tower.  Every view is stuck on the entry that was last successfully used with it.  Now, scrolling doesn't change the view on the sign, but it is cycling through the menu items.  However, it doesn't warp me to the right ones.  In fact, it's warping me to other places in the tower, nowhere near the warp points.  Trying to break the signs returns "No suitable view found to remove."

    A little further investigation has found that executing the "/warp" command manually instead of using the signs is still taking me to the wrong locations.  I tried fixing them with "/setwarp" in the right location, and they work again with "/warp".  When using the signs, they get changed again.

    Here's a paste of the debug info returned when scrolling on the signs:

    I have attach a zipped up copy of my SMS folder for your perusal.

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  • sullytheunusual posted a comment Feb 15, 2012

    Ok, I rebooted the server and it's working again... warps are back to normal. weird.

  • desht_08 posted a comment Feb 16, 2012

    Hmm, that's an odd one. I'll take a look at your configs and see if I can reproduce the problem. It sounds like there was some kind of problem with updates being sent to clients which was fixed by a server restart. Are you still running NoLagg? That can cause some odd effects sometimes...

    Edited Feb 16, 2012
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  • sullytheunusual posted a comment Feb 20, 2012

    @desht: Go

    Yes, running NoLagg. I lost 2 more menu views, and when trying to show page 2 of the in game list (/sms list), it said an internal error has occured:

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  • desht_08 posted a comment Feb 21, 2012

    @disciple218: Go

    Well, I've had no luck in reproducing this problem, and your menu & view data look fine to me. Really not sure what to say at this point...

  • sullytheunusual posted a comment Feb 21, 2012

    @desht: Go

    I guess I'll just keep monitoring the situation. I should have zipped up the SMS folder and sent it when it was giving the internal error messages. I'll see if I can do that next time. Rebooting seems to fix it, so that's something.

  • desht_08 posted a comment Feb 22, 2012

    I would recommend testing without NoLagg installed if possible. But yes - if the problem re-occurs please zip up the ScrollingMenuSign folder right away, it might contain a clue. And keep an eye out for any odd server.log messages.

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