ScrollingMenuSign v2.3.2


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    Jan 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


v2.3.2 (5 Jan 2013)

  • Map views in item frame now work properly with CraftBukkit 1.7.x (Minecraft & CraftBukkit changed the way item frames with items in them react to left-clicks).
  • Map views now have a solid filled background by default (map colour #9 - see for a full list of colours). This is primarily again for the benefit of CB 1.7.x, where the default background is transparent and shows the item frame behind the menu). If you prefer this, use map colour 0 for the background...
  • Added new map view attribute background to set the map view's background fill colour, and config setting maps.background to define the default background fill for newly-created map views.
  • Map view text colours now much more closely resemble the specified chat colours thanks to the extended map palette in Minecraft 1.7 (and should still look acceptable on CraftBukkit 1.6 servers).

v2.3.1 (25 Nov 2013)

  • Added a couple of backwards compat methods to the SMSView class. This is intended to allow older versions of Heroes to continue to work with newer releases of ScrollingMenuSign. If you don't use Heroes, this update doesn't bring anything else.

v2.3.0 (14 Nov 2013)

  • Added new view attribute to all scrollable view types: scroll_type. This may be one of "scroll", "page" or "default". "scroll" is the default and current behaviour - the selected item remains in place and the view scrolls around it. The "page" type allows the selection cursor to move and the view will switch to the next/previous page (where there are more items than can be displayed on one page). A value of "default" means to use the global "scroll_type" Configuration setting, which can be one of "scroll" or "page".
  • Item costs: giving or taking items should now use a material name, not a numeric ID. Numeric ID's are still accepted for now, but will log a warning to the console & server.log so that you can fix the menu entry. This is due to numeric IDs being generally deprecated by both Bukkit and Mojang.
  • Inventory views now have a "spacing" attribute (default 0) - this controls how many blank inventory slots are placed between each icon in the inventory.
  • Multisign view rendering should now be somewhat lighter on CPU when the multisign is only 1 sign wide (regardless of how many signs high)
  • Predefined substitutions in commands (e.g. <EXP>, <MONEY> - see Command Parser) are now done on a command-by-command basis rather than all the very start of command parsing. This means that a chained command like "$x,10 && \\You now have <EXP> experience" now reports the new experience amount instead of the previous amount. The previous behaviour can still be achieved by not using chaining, e.g. "$x,10 \\You had <EXP> experience && You now have <EXP> experience"
  • Predefined substitutions in commands should now be a little lighter on CPU.