ScrollingMenuSign v0.8


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    Oct 6, 2011
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  • CB 1240


v0.8 (6 Oct 2011)

  • Dropped support for Permissions 2.x/3.x. Only superperms-compatible permissions plugins are now supported.
  • Dropped support for CommandSigns 0.9. The built-in command parser is now used for everything.
  • Now uses Register (multi-economy support) as an external plugin. Download from and put Register.jar in your plugins/ folder along with whatever economy plugin you use.
  • Initial Spout support. If present (and player is using the Spoutcraft client) then maps which are menu views now show the menu title as their item name in the inventory. Also, configurable key bindings can now be defined to scroll and execute menus (default is cursor up/down, and Return). Further Spout enhancements are planned...
  • Dropped support for the &SMS fake user. Instead a configurable setting 'elevation.nodes' is used to list the temporary permission nodes to add to a player who is running an elevated command. The first time v0.8 is loaded, this setting will be automatically initialised to the permission nodes that the &SMS user has (or whatever user was specified by the 'elevation_user' setting). Permissions are now added via the built-in Bukkit superperms interface.
  • All fake-user commands (e.g. /*command) now get run as if they were /@command.
  • New configuration setting 'elevation.grant_op', default false. If set to true, players get temporary op status when running elevated commands. You should only need to set this true if you need to run elevated commands from plugins which don't support superperms.
  • Command parser enhancement: new restriction operators @n: and @i:. @n:node restricts commands to player who have the specified permission node. @i:id restricts commands to players who are holding an item of the given id in their hand.
  • The @g:group restriction operator should be considered deprecated. @n:node can be used instead (e.g. instead of @g:admins, put a node like 'isAdmin: true' in your admins group in your permissions config, and then use @n:isAdmin).
  • Command parser enhancement: new cost types $X, $H, $F, $E can be used to charge (or grant) experience, health, food, or economy credits respectively. ($0 can still be used for economy credits)
  • Command parser enhancement: the string <INAME> is now replaced by the name of the held item.
  • Macro enhancements. Macros can now be called from anywhere in a command (i.e. after a @ or $ restriction) where previously they could only be called at the start of a command. In addition, macros can now be passed arguments.
  • Macros are now stored one per file under the data/ directory, like menu and view data is. On startup, the commands.yml file will be automatically migrated to the new structure and renamed to commands.yml.OLD.
  • New permission nodes scrollingmenusign.maps.toSign and scrollingmenusign.maps.fromSign to control whether players may copy maps to and from signs, respectively. Default is true if player is an op or has scrollingmenusign.admin.
  • Menu views (signs & maps) may now have owners (default for new views is no owner). New configuration item 'use_any_view', default true. New permission node scrollingmenusign.useAnyView. If 'use_any_view' is set to false and players do not have the 'scrollingmenusign.useAnyView' node, they will not be able to use views owned by someone else. This may be useful if you want to restrict a map view to one player only - you can set the ownership of the map with the new '/sms view' command.
  • ScrollingMenuSign only supports superperms plugins (PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx, bPermissions, zPermissions). Permissions 2.x/3.x is no longer supported.