ScrollingMenuSign v0.6


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    Sep 12, 2011
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  • CB 1060


v0.6 (12 Sep 2011):

  • Significant internal rewrite - structure is much more MVC-based, allowing more flexibility in what views can be created on a menu. Which leads to...
  • Map views! Yes, maps can now be used to display and interact with SMS menus! See the docs ("Maps") for much more information.
  • Also added new "/sms givemap" command, making it easy to get one or more maps of a specific ID. Again see the "Maps" documentation for more information.
  • The built-in SMS command parser is now much more powerful, and is intended to ultimately replace the CommandSigns integration. The SMS command parser is mostly compatible with CommandSigns, so migration should be reasonably painless. However, it should be considered experimental for now, and the CommandSigns integration is still supported for now. This has been done because CommandSigns now appears to be an inactive plugin (not updated in a couple of months). See the docs ("Command Parsing") for much more information.
  • Menus may now have a default command. This command is used if an item is added with no command string. Not so useful on its own, but the default command can include a "<LABEL>" tag, which is replaced with the label of the menu item being executed. This may be useful for e.g. menus of warp points.
  • Syntax for the "/sms add" command has been cleaned up. Now possible to use a quoted syntax, e.g. /sms add mymenu "My Command" "/do my command". No more need for the confusing field separator (which is still supported for now, but deprecated and will give a warning if used).
  • It is now possible to delete menu items which contain spaces by name - just quote the menu item, e.g. /sms remove mymenu "My Command"
  • API updated. Some methods are deprecated now (mainly any SMSMenu methods which dealt with signs & locations - this is now handled in the new public SMSView class and its subclasses). Also, macros can now be manipulated via the API.
  • SMS now has an external dependency on Nijikokun's Register API (to allow for economy support in the new command parser). This will be automatically downloaded when SMS 0.6 starts up for the first time, but the server will need to be reloaded/restarted once more after the download is done (SMS will be disabled until the second server reload). See the Installation docs for more details.
  • Built-in command parser only supports the following Permissions plugins (for allowing elevated access): PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx, bPermissions and Permissions 3.x. If you're still using Permissions 3.x, I would strongly advise upgrading to a permissions plugin which works with superperms. I don't plan to support Permissions 3.x for much longer - it should be considered obsolete.