[PowerBoard] Scoreboard + Tablist + Prefix + Chat | Animated

Animated Scoreboard
Animated Tablist
Prefix/Suffix System
Chat System
Installation Guide/Wiki: Click here
Animated Scoreboard
Animated Tablist
- Tablist-Prefix/Suffix
- Chat-Prefixes
- You can disable the animations if you don't wan't them.
- Up to 30 Chars in the Scoreboard (on MC v1.13+ up to 126)
No Laggs
- HEX color support
ChatColors (Permission can be set and can be deactivated)
Unlimited Ranks
No flickering
Extensive config
Select the modules which you wan't to use
Free and Open Source
- Developer API
Additional supported Plugins
- LuckPerms
- PermissionsEx
- Vault
- PlaceholderAPI
%playeronline% | Shows the Online-Player-Count.
%playermax% | Shows the Max-Player-Count.
%rank% | Shows the rank of the player
%money% | Shows the Money from the player (Vault is required)
%name% | Shows the playername
%time% | Shows the current time
%date% | Shows the date
%world% | Shows the name of the world where the player is
%ping% | Shows the Ping from the player
%player_food% | Shows the food level of the player
%player_saturation% | Shows the saturation of the player
%player_health% | Shows the health of the player
%tps% | Shows the server TPS
%mem_total%%mem_free%%mem_used%%mem_max% - Shows the Server RAM
Because this Plugin supports PlaceholderAPI,
you can use a very big amount of Placeholders from other Plugins!
Developer API
This plugin also has an API!
Click here to see how it works: https://github.com/Xitee1/Scoreboard
I hope you enjoy this Plugin!
Please do not give a bad rating because of bugs! Please report them to my Discord or GitHub and i will try to fix them as fast as possible!
This is a completely free plugin that I code in my spare time. I would really appreciate a donation :)
If you have any ideas for new features, new placeholders, or found a bug, join my Discord.


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