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its a plugin that adds a cash dispenser to your world, its a dispenser with diamond,emerald,gold,iron blocks and gold ingots in it. every item has another worth. emerald block= 100,000, diamond block = 10,000 goldblock = 1000 ironblock = 100 and gold ingots are 10. if you need to "Buy" something on a market and you dont wanna do /pay (Name) (amount) than go to the "Safety Disposit Box", click on the items "Money" that you need and it will be in your inventory and taken from your balance. like you have 183694. and you buy a Minecraft house for 100,000. click on the emeraldblock and you get -100000 from your balance and a emeraldblock in your inventory. you can also store money in it by shift- click it in the Safety Disposit Box. Its good for roleplay and an Economy server.


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