I think of building the plugin into a big one...
CraftBukkit-Libary: 1.5.2-R1.0


  • Disables the most abilities of guests
  • Sends messages to the guests
  • You can specify all with permissions
  • You can change the messages
  • You can change the config with ingame commands

Commands and Permissions

Command Permission What it does
/sg safeguest.admin Shows you the commands
/sg reload safeguest.admin Reloads the config
/sg show safeguest.admin Shows you the current disable messages
/sg br [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the break message
/sg pl [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the place message
/sg dr [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the drop message
/sg pi [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the pickup message
/sg be [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the bed enter message
/sg fi [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the bucket fill message
/sg em [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the bucket empty message
/sg in [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the interact message
/sg sh [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the shear message
/sg mo [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the move message
/sg po [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the portal message
/sg tl [msg] safeguest.admin Sets the teleport message
safeguest.user Ignores checks (Need all users) Sends the guest the place message
safeguest.message.break Sends the guest the break message
safeguest.message.drop Sends the guest the drop message
safeguest.message.pickup Sends the guest the pickup message (Spam?)
safeguest.message.bed Sends the guest the bed enter message
safeguest.message.fill Sends the guest the bucket fill message
safeguest.message.empty Sends the guest the bucket empty message
safeguest.message.interact Sends the guest the interact message
safeguest.message.shear Sends the guest the shear message
safeguest.message.move Sends the guest the move message (Spam?)
safeguest.message.portal Sends the guest the portal message (Spam?)
safeguest.message.teleport Sends the guest the teleport message


Nothing currently!


Thanks to:
Plugin video
Change config with InGame commands (MessageControl)


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