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Minecraft is a great game on its own, but chances are if you're here and you're a server admin then you're looking for more to offer your clients. As you may know by now, when it comes to the extras every player wants something unique. Some want new mechanics, others want better weapons. Some want to help their friends, others want to dominate them. The problem is most plugins often offer a blanket solution. While it may fulfill the needs of a few, the remaining may not want to participate. Sure you can mess with permissions to exclude some people, but why not just cut to the chase and give every player EXACTLY what they want?

For the server that wants its players to each have individual benefits and abilities, S86 Powers is the plugin for you.

How It Works

With the arrival of version 4.0, S86 Powers has become a power-loading plugin. The plugin is now a core built to read and host other power classes or sets of classes, called Power Packs.

First Time Setup

If your server has never run S86 Powers v4.0+ before, there are some steps necessary to take before you can take full advantage of the plugin. Before you begin you will need two things: the core plugin some power classes or a power pack.

  1. Place the core (S86Powers.jar) in the main plugins folder where other plugins are placed.
  2. Place the power class(es) or pack(s) in the plugins/S86 Powers/powers folder. These folders are created automatically the first time S86 Powers is run or can be made manually beforehand.
  3. Players must be assigned powers in order to use them. The simple command to assign powers is /powers player [player] [power].

Internal Powers

The plugin comes pre-packaged with several powers, so it can be used without any additional power packs. An (outdated) list of powers can be viewed here.

Commands / Permissions

All commands can be viewed by simply using the /powers help command. You can view additional pages using /powers help [page], or view help on specific topics like /powers help player.

A full list of all commands and permissions can be found here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I / other operators have all powers active?
A: This is often caused by PermissionsEx when using wildcard permissions. PEx can seek out permission nodes not normally set and sets them true. To fix this, you can either stop using wildcard permissions (best option, though requires the most work), switch permissions plugins, or open plugins/S86 Powers/config.yml and set permission-based-powers to false.

Q: One of the powers keeps spamming text in the console / in-game. How do I stop it?
A: First identify the power causing the error. If you're getting a message similar to "Task #80 is causing an error", use the command /powers debug gettask 80 to determine which power is causing the error. Next, used the command /powers power [power] -r to reload the power. This should stop the spam until whatever triggered it the first time happens again. Also you may want to report it so I can fix it.

Q: How do I assign more than three powers to someone?
A: Use the command /powers player [player] [power] -o to bypass the normal restriction.

Usage Stats


Requests are now handled using BukkitDev's forums. To request a power, click here, and be sure to read the rules before posting.


Creating and maintaining a plugin this size can be a full-time job on its own. I enjoy working on this plugin and don't mind doing it for free, but the fact remains that I must commit a majority of my free time to do this. If you like my work and would like to support it, please consider donating.


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