ServerAI - more commonly known as SAI - is a minecraft server's greatest companion!

Now updated to 1.6! with new features and improved player recognition!

Capable of interacting with players like a living player, ServerAI is the one moderator you know you can trust!

development has been slow, and the issues have been many, but hasn't faltered in our goal:

To Provide a single plugin to replace ALL plugins and to remove the risk of Staff that abuse their Permissions

put simply, the finished ServerAI will be Essentials, PermissionsEX(or any other permission plugin), world Edit, and an administrator all rolled into one neat little jar file

Video(s) spend a little time each day scouring youtube for those EPIC youtube demo's you guys make from time to time. when we find one we like relating to SAI, it will appear here for all to see :)

Coming Soon

I need your help. As i am sure several of you are aware, developing plugins are difficult enought, nevermind the sheer scale of SAI. I am looking for any plugin developers who know a bit atbout particular areas of the Bukkit API to help develop SAI. if you are interested, leave a comment, PM jamiemac262 or leave a message on ServerAI's Facebook page

Currently SAI is capable of:

  • Saying Hi to players
  • Changing the gamemode to survival
  • Changing the gamemode to creative changing gamemode requires permissions now
  • Added a form of plugin information (ask SAI to tell you about herself)
  • Added sending players to spawn
  • Added setting the spawn
  • Blocking a list of swearwords or other insults. [this feature has many gaps on it if you find any gaps i would appreciate it if you could pm me with any words that get through the filter that should not
  • Playername detection, instead of having to type name in a certain place in the line
  • TPA requesting and accepting!


  • OPs and admin's to be able to change the gamemode of another player
  • incorporate Factions into SAI teleporting, we dont want pvp loggers using SAI when a raid on the enemy faction goes wrong
  • Economy hook for home command
  • Set up some form of information base so players can ask SAI questions about the server (instead of asking staff and maybe not getting an answer)
  • What can you do sai?

Not making any promises but here is what is planned for the next update:

  • Spawn protection (players won't be able to break spawn)
  • Warps - just like the homes but public
  • teleporting between each other
  • our own version of essentials' tpa requests

There have been several requests to allow servers to change SAI's name in the config file. it has been decided that we may pursue this in the future. However, for the forsee-able, we will not add this feature. this will allow other potential users to find SAI on bukkit dev.


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