This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Root is a weird set of tools because it gives you what everything else can't. If you run a survival server with some anti-griefing plugins, you will likely find something useful in it.




  • Add new ways to interact with LWC and WorldGuard
  • See new kinds of information about players
  • Housekeeping with your server's pets
  • Numerous microfeatures.



Features + Permissions



Antispam: The permission allows users to send chat messages and commands quickly without being automatically kicked by the server's internal flooding protection.

Ding: Players can configure alerts for the occurrence of certain patterns in chat. See Commands/Ding for usage

Firstjoin: When a player joins for the first time, a message revealing the player's IP address and geographical location will be broadcast to users with the permission root.notify.firstjoin.

Flykick: When a player is kicked by the server for floating too long, a warning is broadcast to users with the permission root.notify.flykick.

IPRec: When a player is banned and joins with a different account from the same IP address, a warning is broadcast to users with the permission root.notify.iprec. IP addresses are not remembered across server restarts.

Marks When a player with high priority marks joins, a warning is broadcast to users with the permission root.notify.mark.

Subtitles: Subtitles can be enabled by a command. See Commands/Sub for usage details.

XRay: When a player mines UNDERGROUND diamond ore (Y <= 16) at a suspiciously high rate (configurable, 20 ore blocks in less than 15 minutes by default), a warning is broadcast to users with the permission root.notify.xray.

Command Aliases and Macros

Commands for other plugins can be intercepted and altered with configurable regular expressions. This makes it possible to define custom shortcuts for commands.



/activity [player] Displays a heatmap of a player's activity throughout times of day and days of week Permission: root.activity

/delmark See /mark. Permission: root.delmark

/ding [pattern] Plays a note when a chat messages matches a user-specified pattern. A basic example of a pattern is brain|brainiac. The pattern can be any valid regular expression. Permission: root.ding

/freeze [player] Freezes a player. Permission: root.freeze

/instantsign line1|line2|line3|line4 [amount] Creates an Instant Sign that, when placed, appears with content without editing. Note: See section "Items" for a separate permission that enables usage of the item


/mark [player] {message}/{@message} Keep notes about specific players. Simply use /mark [player] to read existing messages. Begin your message with '@' to enable a chat-warning when the marked player joins. Delete mark with /delmark. Permission: root.mark

/player [player] Still has its old functionality. Note: Can now list a user's homes. Aliases: /p Permission:

/portal (create) Shows you the coordinates a Nether Portal would teleport you to or creates one at that exact location to resolve teleport conflicts. Permission: root.portal, root.portal.create

/rtps Toggles a continuous display of instantaneous TPS in the Hotbar title. Good for finding lag sources. Permission: root.rtps

/shadowmute [player] Makes a player's chat messages only visible to that player. Aliases: /smute Permission: root.shadowmute

/seelwc [radius] Highlights nearby blocks protected by the LWC plugin. Permission: root.seelwc

Permission: root.sleep, root.sleep.other, root.sleep.all 

/sub [player] [source language / off] [sub language] Displays machine-translated subtitles after a player's messages. Permission: root.sub

/undercover Hides the user's rank badge in chat. Permission: root.undercover

/uuid [player] Retrieve a player's UUID for copying to your clipboard, as well as the history of their name changes. Permission: root.uuid

/volatile Toggles a line of lore to an item that makes it impossible to pick up for players without the permission root.item.volatile Note: See Items/Volatile Permission: root.volatile

/wand [name] Toggles one of a collection of special click actions on an item. Creating any particular wand requires the command permission as well as the permission to use the wand. See "Wands" for a full list of existing wands and permissions. Permission: root.wand



Instant Signs Sign items with lore which, when placed, appear with text and without an edit screen. Ampersand color codes are stored UNPARSED in the lore and parsed on placement. See

Commands/Instantsign Permission: root.item.instantsign

Volatile Items Cannot be picked up by a player who does not have a special permission. Instead, the item will be deleted immediately. This serves to prevent admin gear from getting into the wrong hands. See Commands/Volatile Permission: root.item.volatile



[Boat] Right-clicking this sign spawns a boat and places the user into the boat. The boat will disappear once the player leaves it. Permission: root.sign.boatroot.sign.boat.create

[Cart] Right-clicking this sign spawns a cart and places the user into the cart. The cart will disappear once the player leaves it. Additionally, a number can be placed in line 3 to adjust the cart's maximum speed. Cart physics do not allow carts with altered maximum speeds to climb a slope, even on powered rails. Permission: root.sign.cartroot.sign.cart.create

[Dice] Rolls a random number out of a range specified on the sign. Permission: root.sign.dice, root.sign.dice.create

[Info] Displays a block of text when right-clicked. Text can be changed by sneak-right-clicking the Info sign with a book and quill. Requires a unique name in line 2. Text content will be shared across all Info signs with the same name. The sign will parse ampersand color codes (&) in the book text. Permission:

[Launch] Launches the user to the hight indicated in line 3, flies the user horizontally to the X/Z coordinates given in lines 2 and 4, and finally descends with a firework trail. Permission: root.sign.launchroot.sign.launch.create

[Petition] Creates a petition users can sign to vote on public matters. Anonymity is guaranteed through salted SHA-1 hashing. Permission: root.sign.petitionroot.sign.petition.create



Wands can be applied to items that are not blocks. They serve special functions when the item is used to interact with a block or entity.

PetOwner: Click a tameable entity to find out who owns it. Permission: root.wand.petowner

SilkDick: Break a sign with this item to make it drop as an instant sign with its original contents. Permission: root.wand.silkdick

Stack: Click two mobs (or players) to stack them (uses the vehicle interface that all entites have, not just carts). Permission: root.wand.stack

Strip: Click an entity to make it drop the items it holds in its hands and the armor it is wearing. Permission: root.wand.striproot.wand.strip.player



GSlotMachine: Clears a List that keeps filling with useless Integers until it begins to weigh down server performance. Config: gsm-wiper: true


Root stores all information in vaguely human-readable YAML files. Only a few configurable parameters are available in config.yml. All other files should be left alone.


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