Castle Wars

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Castle Wars is a highly configurable plugin that adds a new type of minigame to your server. The plugin is very customizable and can be configured differently for every server.

Castle Wars minigame explanation: There are 2 teams, Red and Blue. The only goal for both of the teams is to destroy the other teams core! However, doing this will not be easy. Every team has the ability to buy walls, special weapons and defenses with points they earn during battle, so they can make it harder for the other team to destroy their core. Killing a player, destroying the core, building walls will all result in getting ingame points, which can be used to buy more walls and other defenses.

Game Rules: Players cannot destroy blocks with the exception of wall blocks

Classes: Castle Wars uses a highly configurable class system which allows you to manipulate the gear of a player. Classes can also be upgraded with points you earn after winning a battle All the upgrades can be configured.

Defenses For now the only defenses you got are walls. Walls can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, and can be bought with ingame points. Walls can be destroyed by anyone. Walls are also customizable, you can choose the block, the cost, and the amount of walls you get when you buy a set. More defenses will come...


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