A simple reports plugin that helps to streamline reporting.


  • MySQL database (this is optional as of version 1.3).
  • Multiple server support
  • Flag system. (Close, open, invalid etc)
  • Comment System


Reporting someone:
Staff message:

Report viewer:

Report list:

How to install:

1. Simply drop the .jar file into your plugins folder. There are no dependencies.
2. If you plan on connecting to a MySQL server, make sure to configure the config.yml file for your MySQL database in your plugins folder/Reports. Otherwise, you'll need to change the config option useMySQL: true to false, to use the SQLite database.


There are two main commands: /report and /reports
- /report <name> <reason>
Information: Command to report someone.
Staff Permission (To see notification): reports.notify

- /reports
Information: Main reports command. (Used for viewing and setting)
Permission: reports.use

- /reports view <ID|player>
Information: view a report under an ID or all reports for a player.
Permission: reports.view

- /reports comment <ID>
Information: Comment on a report.
Permission: reports.comment

- /reports removecomment <comment ID>
Information: Delete a comment.
Permission: reports.delcomment

- /reports list <page number>
Information: View all reports in a list, 10 at a time.
Permission: reports.viewall

- /reports delete <ID>
Information: Delete a report by ID.
Permission: reports.delete

- /reports setflag <ID> <flag>
Information: Set flag of a report by ID.
Permission: reports.setflag

- /reports reload
Information: Reload config.yml and MySQL.
Permission: reports.reload

Planned features:

- FlatFile .db if no MySQL.
- Add reponses to config.
- viewflag <flag>, to view reports by flag.
- An option to add screenshots to the report (making the plugin a LOT more useful)
- Player's coords in the report.
- A way for a player to view their own report (to see comments and flags).

If you find any bugs, please file a ticket, and I'll try to take a look.

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