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The Perfect Voting Reminder and Announcement Plugin

Now supports per-world broadcasts! Reminder will send one or more online players a scheduled message. Messages can be repeated a specified number of times or repeat indefinitely. You can specify the delay after a player connects and how frequently the message is displayed.

Reminder chat example

Most recent version is 2.0R1. Visit for most current version.

Tested and working on CB 1.7.9.


  • Set time and date of message.
  • Specify a player for private message or all players for broadcast.
  • Specify one or more worlds or a group of world by prefix for broadcasts.
  • Set delay after player connection to begin message.
  • Specify the number of times a reminder is given or have it repeat indefinitely.
  • Set frequency of message.
  • Edit messages using MySQL client like Sequal Pro without having to reload plugin.
  • Use standard colored text conventions.


  • MySQL database for reminder storage.


Command are preceded by /reminder. See Command Reference for detailed information on commands and syntax.

List reminders.
Add a reminder.
delete | del
delete reminder.
update | up
Update reminder.
Reload config.
Stop reminder messages.
Resume stopped reminder messages.
Show server time.
setdefault | setdefaults | set
Change a setting in config and make immediately effective.


All commands require 'reminder' permission to be run in-game. Op-ed players do not require this permission.


Update Bukkit.yml with alias to use "/rem" as a shortcut. For example:

   rem: reminder


Very simple. Place reminder.jar in your plugins folder and then type "reload" at the console. Reminder will create its plugins folder and a default config.yml file. By default, Reminder is disabled in config. To enable Reminder, edit config.yml and change the "enable" line from "false" to "true" and then type "/reminder reload" in chat or "reminder reload" at the console to enable.


When Reminder is first run, it will create a folder named Reminder in your server's plugins folder. In that folder will be a file named config.yml with default settings.

startOnLoad: false
Determines if Reminder begins processing when CraftBukkit is started or reloaded. By default this setting is 'false'. After setting dbURL, dbUser and dbPassword in this file, change this setting to 'true' and command CraftBukkit reload.
tag: default
The default <tag> field used when the add command is used and this tag is not specified. Tag is limited to 15 characters and may contain only A-Z, a-z and 0-9 with no spaces.
delay: 1
The default <delay> field used when the add or update command is used and this tag is not specified. Delay is the time in seconds to postpone a reminder from the time a player joins the game.
rate: 5
The default <rate> field used when the add or update command is used and this tag is not specified. Rate is the time in seconds between each time this reminder message is presented.
echo: 3
The default <echo> field used when the add or update command is used and this tag is not specified. Echo is the number of times a reminder is presented. When set to -1, a reminder is presented indefinitely.
maxRows: 20
The maximum number of rows the list command returns.
dbUrl: jdbc:mysql://localhost/Chrisbot
The URL of the MySQL database the server will use to storing reminders. Reminders will automatically create the reminders table if it does not exist.
dbUser: root
MySQL database user name.
dbPassword: root
MySQL database password.

Give Anything Listener Example

Learn about Give Anything Listener

    - reminder delete {username} tag {service}
    - reminder add {username} tag {service} '&c[Reminder] &eHey, &a{username}&e! &6Its been a whole day since you voted at &a{service}&6. &bHelp us out and get schwag. &eHit them up again! &3' +1440 delay 3 rate 5 echo 3


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