ReitzRPG is a upcoming RPG plugin that currently consists of a leveling system with various stats and abilities. Your world spawn is the monster level calculation base, so the more players explore the world the more dangerous the monsters become; The farther you get from the world spawn, the mobs get tougher by increasing their attack damage and health. Players can equip better gear as they level their stats, adding a sense of progression .


Current Features

  1. Applied my DistanceLevel plugin so the farther you are from the world spawn, the stronger enemies get
  2. Updating scoreboard with the current stats: Combat EXP, Defense, Attack, Woodcutting, Mining, Magic and Archery.
  3. Global weapon skill cool down system (only implemented on a few weapons at the moment)
  4. Per player config file containing stats and exp for mining / woodcutting , class was made by someone in the resource section. I will credit them when I find their name!
  5. Currently using LucasEmanuel's 0 Client tornado mod for the first magic spell
  6. Player ItemMenu using /rpg menu or /reitzrpg menu allows players to purchase stat upgrades with their combat exp

  7. Per player backpack: each player gets a backpack that gets saved to their config so they may safely store items. Purchase additional space using /reitzrpg menu

  1. Using Desle's Assassin ability resource to implement wall jumping
    I#tem restriction usage [NOT BLOCK RESTRICTION]: currently the system is a static lvl 5 for the first tier, 10 for 2nd, 3rd is 15 and diamond is 20. If block break restrictions are in place, some users believe mining can be an annoyance.
  2. Currently Mining/Woodcutting/Fishing/Digging award exp on block break and level up automatically using the list of blocks that are effected by if you are wielding a pickaxe or an axe.
  3. Player to Player Trading
  4. Magic Combo System
  5. Treasure Chests(Beta)
  6. Visible EXP System

Planned Features & Current Status of Implementation

Player to Player Trading | 100% | done
Quests | 0.00% | not started
Custom Items| 50% | weapons work, need to add the rest
API: In Progress| 30% | still need to fix it up and add things.
Treasure Chests| 50% | need to finish up persistence.
Magic System| 50% | Combos are done, adding spells
Loot Tables| 20% | Config made working on implementation
Multi Language Support| 90% | Mostly implemented fixing the kinks
Pets| 10% | they exist but they don't attack
Floating EXP text| 100% | completed
Customizable Weapon/Magic skills| 0% | not started
Mob Levels| 80% | need to add region levels

If you have a suggestion let me know!


/ReitzRPG or /RPG
/rpg help
/rpg purchase [stats]
/rpg menu (The menu system has everything included in itself )
/rpg trade username (Must be within 10 blocks)
/rpg lock [version must be .03 or higher]
/rpg unlock [version must be .03 or higher]
/rpg setspawn (Sets the spawn of the world to the player's current position)
/rpg killmobs (Removes all mobs in the world; useful if you changed settings)
/rpg sethome (Sets the player's bed respawn at their current location)

How To Trade

  1. Type /rpg trade username
  2. The menu will say left or right side and have 3 spaces available put your items in that space and click the block to continue
  3. Remembering what side you were, click the trade accept button for your side after placing the items you want to trade
  4. Once the trade has been successful, check your inventory to verify the items have been removed/added accordingly
  5. To cancel the trade, close the inventory during the final trade menu

How To Use The Menu GUI To Level Up

  1. Type /rpg menu
  2. Click on one of the items that say level up [stat]
  3. If you have the exp it will level, otherwise it will return the amount needed


Version .07+
description: Allows you to set world spawn
default: op
description: Allows you to remove all mobs
default: op

Config Files

Custom Recipes

Creating Custom Weapons


Magic System


Servers with ReitzRPG

Test Server IP Now 24/7

Plugin Metrics

Metrics allow me to see how many users are using the plugin / servers
To disable, to go PluginMetrics > Config > Opt-Out: true
To view the metrics page go to

UUID Fetching from Mojang

This plugin uses URL connections to grab user UUID's via Mojang's web API.

Multi-Language Support

On version .14 or higher, right click the plugin file and open it. Go to com>paulreitz>reitzrpg> then open You
can change any of the messages here, and after saving the file changes will be reflected next time you start the plugin. This is the simplest way for me to make it so any language can be the default on your server or you can even tweak the words or names to what you want.

Loot Tables

On version .15 and higher the loot table system is now fully implemented. You can access it by going to where ReitzRPG is installed and going to loot_table.cfg.
example setup:

Github Repo


Minecraft 1.8+ & Spigot

The new repository for 1.8+ version of minecraft for my plugin is located at:
Once Bukkit is updated to 1.8 i'll post my updates here, however until that time my main repository will be at

Help and Reviews

I enjoy coding, but still have a lot to learn. For me, the purpose of this project is to practice coding, learn new things from the community, and implement player suggestions. If you want to be a tester, test away and shoot me a message. If you're a talented coder and want to look at my chicken scratch and give me a few pointers I'd be thankful. I play Minecraft for fun, this community is great, and I really enjoy coding. If you're interested in testing or offering a suggestion for code modifications, send me a message or submit a post! I look forward to receiving your feedback!


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