.20-Alpha: Reitzrpg


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    Nov 13, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


.20-Alpha: ReitzRPG

  • We managed to skip 4 versions due to them being in my dropbox hurray!
  • Combat Engine Beta - now with more accurate damage sensing yay
  • Custom Weapons are functional again, when did they stop working?
  • Party system beta is functional /party is where the party is at
  • Monsters now are cleared on server start so they all have metadata for levels
  • Worlds_Config -> config to put what worlds have the plugin active and set the minimum monster level
  • Spigot compatibility - now won't lag the heck out of spigot servers woot

.16-Alpha: ReitzRPG

  • whole new config system, now has 3 new configs for swordskills,bowskills,magic spells, you can enable and set levels for abilities.
  • some minor bug fixes and performance fixes.
  • fixed the startup error that a few people experienced.
  • added in options to enable / disable trading and player backpacks.

.15-Beta: Reitzrpg

  • fixed the loot system so the %'s are now correct
  • damage balancing for mob damage / pvp damage, magic should be working along with archery.
  • Added in a config option for monster hp multiplier, its their level time that number for their health
  • Changed the way fall damage is calculated now you have chance to dodge affected by defense level
  • Zombies damage now scales with their level, Pigman and spiders now scale with their damage.

.15-Alpha: ReitzRPG:

  • Dupe Fix = done, made it so you switch slots and prevent damage on weapons you can't wield properly
  • Made it so custom weapons follow the same rule set if you cant equip it you cant do damage with it
  • Scoreboard language patch = done, can now change stats and the other words crammed in there.
  • exp not being given - EXP is given found an error where if your not on 1.7.9 then it gave an error on block break, put in some fixes so that the system will work if your on a incompatible version, however floating text wont work at all.
  • Combat balancing - Tweaking around with bows, made them more balanced, made magic more balanced. Damage formula for all weapns is now (Level/Attack Modifier for server)-Monster Level.
  • enchantments on custom weapons - Completed ^.^
  • Pvp safezone tweaks - Threw in more listeners, should be fixed
  • Made it so all tornadoes are denied if the config says no

.14-Beta: ReitzRPG: Tornadoes are tricky and seem to be a source of griefing, made them disabled by default and added in a config option. Will be working on how to make it so tornadoes can be casted safely and not be used to grief.

.14-Alpha: ReitzRPG: Multi-language support, right click the plugin and open, com > paulreitz > reitzrpg > messages.properties, in this file you will have all the text that the plugin outputs in english, anything you change will be reflected in the plugin itself. I use winrar personally to get to the file to edit, if you use another program the way to get to the plugin may be different.

.13-Beta: ReitzRPG: Now compatible with plugins that cancel events (worldguard support), now if the event is canceled you won't get the experience or the experience popup. So an example is an area of land you don't have permission to break, worldguard will deny you and then because the event is cancelled my plugin will not grant you the exp for breaking the block.

.12-Beta: ReitzRPG: Fixed diamond helmet bug that was causing people to crash, added in the option on the main config Block-Exp-Show: true Mob-Exp-Show: true, by disabling these you turn off the floating exp text.

.12-Alpha: ReitzRPG: Floating text now for when you get exp from all sources. May be a tad buggy hence the [alpha], currently working on implementing a pet system.

.11-Beta: ReitzRPG: Sword Combos / Bow Combos / Magic Combos, attempted to fix mobs missing levels. Can access the combos with /rpg skills , /rpg spells.

.10-Beta: ReitzRPG: Magic attacks are now once per second to stop it from being OP / particle spam. Implemented the dupe fix to prevent right click spamming duplicating weapons. Magic system combos in the game as /rpg spells, use that to view spells / levels.

.09-Beta: ReitzRPG: Performance fix, should help larger servers with many mobs, added in Metrics!

.08-Beta: ReitzRPG - Bug Fixes, removed auto respawn due to errors.

.07-Beta: ReitzRPG: Bug fixes galore, cleaned up the /reitzrpg , /rpg command. Now you can find all commands under /rpg help. Attempted to fix the error where the config couldn't find you if you had a nick. Changed it so that notorious mobs and kings are rarer. Also made notorious mobs have a yellow nameplate and kings have red. Made it so that when you reload the scoreboard will reload on all online players. Made it so that the plugin works with mobhealthbar. Tested with essentials and setting nicknames works. Added in /rpg sethome so you can set your respawn point. Will eventually change to a re-spawn in nearest town sorta deal. Fixed a bug in trading where a player would get their item back if they closed very quickly after trading. Made it so that you can't get exp in creative. Some small performance fixes were also done ^^

.06-Beta: ReitzRPG: Beginning of custom item handler, now in the config you can make new items and they are craftable in game by the recipe you include. They also do damage between the 2 variables!. Made a change in the way the config is handled so it makes sure all the new stats are in the config!

.05-Beta: ReitzRPG - Added in Multiworld support, doors and chests and everything lock in multiple worlds. You can set the config for multiple worlds and set the starting level of the mobs! Made the trading range 10 blocks away! No more trading from across the world. Started changes on the attack / defence system. Creepers will now do some damage even in the starting areas, Endermen also got a buff! Changed defence to defense so check your stats after the update.

.04-Beta: ReitzRPG - /rpg Lock is now persistent for multiple doors,chests, now works for pressure plates and buttons! Disabled right clicking equip armor so players can't cheat equip.

.03-Beta: ReitzRPG - Added in /rpg lock so you may lock a single item or chest, will eventually make it as many as you want. Spelling errors corrected and stopped the spam from the system.out I forgot to clean up previously.

.02-Beta: ReitzRPG - #Trade system is now improved, interludes separate instances so many players can trade with others with no worries.#exp for killing mobs is now a 25 block area so you can essentially party together.

.01- Beta: ReitzRPG - Trade system is now functional, needs alot of bug testing

.01-Alpha: ReitzRPG Launch

-If you unlock your first door you made sometimes its name in the config changes to Lockednull, not a big deal only 1 of these could possible exists but was still a interesting bug nevertheless.

-Still working on combat balancing, I need feedback

-Monster levels are actually rounded and sometimes the title above their head is wrong by 1 level. This does effect their drops if you have lv 1 mobs drop something and lv 2 mobs drop something else.