How to create your own Weapons!

we will be using for minecraft id's for the parts!
Lets create a Wool Axe it will have a stick on the bottom mid a stick in the middle mid and then take the default axe shape but you put
Wool in those spots! Wool is id 35, and sticks are id 280. Its damage will be between 1 and 8, and its lore will say SHAZAM. The material is what the item will look like so lets use a default wooden axe with id 271. Its level to equip will be level 1 so we can use it right away.

If you copy and paste code or need to make sure theres not an error due to tabs use this website: it will convert tabs to spaces. This will resolve any yaml error you could get on startup.

Topleft: 0
Topmid: 35
Topright: 35
Midleft: 0
Midmid: 280
Midright: 35
Botleft: 0
Botmid: 280
Botright: 0
Mindamage: 1
Maxdamage: 8
Material: 271
Level: 1
Top: '"SHAZAM"'
Name: Wool Sword



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