Version 0.2.4

NOTE: This plugin requires you have Vault enabled on your server

This is an area protection plugin to prevent griefing.

How is RegionOwn different from every other protection plugin out there?

  • Players define their own Regions, they select the area and purchase it based on the size
  • Regions don't have to be square, they can be any shape you like (see video below)
  • Players can purchase various protection add-ons such as locking chests or disabling pvp
  • Players can purchase regeneration add-ons to regenerate food or health
  • Player's can purchase an alarm system add-on that notifies the owner via text message when someone trespasses (requires TextPlayer) or deny access completely so Player's can't even step foot on the land
  • All add-ons can be disabled or set as on by default
  • Regions can be backed up and returned to their original state when sold
  • Regions can have co-owners
  • Land may be automatically disowned if the owner does not log on within a certain amount of time
  • Region selection is very simple and done by clicking
  • RegionOwn includes Region editing tools such as removing foilage and filling with water

All Features:

  • Supports all major Economies and Permission Plugins thanks to Vault
  • You can change what command this plugin uses by editing the plugin.yml (found inside the plugin jar file)
  • MultiWorld support (Ability to enable only on certain Worlds)
  • Configurable properties
  • Custom messages
  • Supports polygonal regions, they don't have to be cuboids (see video below)
  • Players can buy unowned land, no need for Admins to run around protecting houses for Players
  • Option to delete a Player's owned Regions and revert the land back if they do not log in for a specified amount of days.
  • Players can purchase Add-ons for their property such as chest locking, and auto healing
  • Players can be notified when they enter someone else's owned land
  • Players can be notified when another Player enters their owned land (with TextPlayer support)
  • Protection against all griefing events (that I can think of)
  • Allows co-owners who will also have build rights
  • Co-owners can be a specific Player or a specific Permissions Group

Future Features:

  • Dynmap support
  • Automated backup of Regions
  • Any of your ideas that you post below.


  • Here is a list of all Add-ons
  • BlockPvP: No damage from Players
  • BlockPvE: No damage from Mobs
  • BlockExplosions: No TNT/Creeper griefing
  • LockChests: Non-Owners can't open Chests/Furnaces/Dispensers
  • LockDoors: Non-Owners can't open Doors
  • DisableButtons: Non-Owners can't use Buttons/Levers/Plates
  • DisablePistons: Pistons will no longer function
  • DenyAccess: Non-Owners can't enter your land
  • Alarm: Be alerted when a Player enters your land
  • Heal: Regenerate hearts over time
  • Feed: Regenerate food over time

Region Tools:

  • /region biome [Biome] - Set the Biome of the selected Region
  • /region cut - Remove all foilage from the selected Region
  • /region thaw - Remove all snow/ice from the selected Region
  • /region clear (Material) (Material) etc... - Remove all of the specified Materials
  • /region clear all - Remove all Materials in your selected Region
  • /region replace [Material,Material,Material etc...] [NewMaterial] - Remove all of the specified Materials
  • /region grow - Change surface Dirt to Grass
  • /region fill - Fill the bottom layer of the selected Region with water
  • /region fill [Material] - Fill the selected Region with the specified Material
  • Material may be the Item ID or it's name

Permission Nodes:

  • = Needed to save unowned Regions (/region save)
  • = Needed to modify Region selections (/region thaw, /region clear, /region cut, /region replace, /region fill)
  • regionown.own = Needed to purchase Regions (/region buy, /region sell, /region list, /region sellall)
  • regionown.backup = Needed to backup a Region to a snapshot (/region backup)
  • regionown.revert = Needed to revert from snapshots (/region revert)
  • regionown.addon.blockpvp = Needed to buy the BlockPvP Add-on (/region buy blockpvp)
  • regionown.addon.blockpve = Needed to buy the BlockPvE Add-on (/region buy blockpve)
  • regionown.addon.blockexplosions = Needed to buy the BlockExplosions Add-on (/region buy blockexplosions)
  • regionown.addon.lockchests = Needed to buy the LockChests Add-on (/region buy lockchests)
  • regionown.addon.lockdoors = Needed to buy the LockDoors Add-on (/region buy lockdoors)
  • regionown.addon.disablebuttons = Needed to buy the DisableButtons Add-on (/region buy disablebuttons)
  • regionown.addon.disablepistons = Needed to buy the DisablePistons Add-on (/region buy disablepistons)
  • regionown.addon.alarm = Needed to buy the Alarm Add-on (/region buy alarm)
  • regionown.addon.heal = Needed to buy the Heal Add-on (/region buy heal)
  • regionown.addon.feed = Needed to buy the Feed Add-on (/region buy feed)
  • = Needed to see who the owner and Co-owners are of a Region (/region info)
  • regionown.coowner = Needed to add a co-owner to your Regions (/region coowner)
  • = Buy Regions/Add-ons free of charge
  • regionown.admin = Edit other Players' Regions
  • regionown.mustowntobuild = Restricts Players from building anywhere they don't own


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