Tired of having your boring jukeboxes do nothing, but sit there until you have to bother yourself to get up and replace the record? Well not any more! RedstoneJukeboxTrig or Redstone Jukebox Trigger allows you to easily play a record in your jukebox by just powering it!

What this plugin does:

Basically, this plugin uses redstone to trigger jukeboxes. Simple as that. However, this does have some things going for it. The jukeboxes will loop if attached to a redstone pulser or redstone clock. When it gets to the end of the song, it will react to the redstone wire instead of restarting from the beginning every time it's powered. Note: This will not play records that are not in the jukebox. You need to already have a record in the jukebox for it to work.

How to install:

  1. Download the .jar file
  2. Place in plugins folder
  3. Enjoy!

Video Demonstration Courtesy of ghaz1ranka:

To Do:

  • Add looping if jukebox stays powered
  • Fix small time gaps before songs can repeat again


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