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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Many players have the brilliant idea to build a redstone clock connected to e.g. a dispanser, filled with tnt, spawn eggs or whatever. Then it happens. The server slos dramaticly down. You're in panic. What happened? While you try to understand what's going on on your server, it crashs. Now you have a suspicion... and another problem. You try to reach the clock and break it, but that isn't easy with 1 fps and 2 tps. Finally you did it. If you have luck, the server progress has saved despite the crash and you don't have to explain everything to your users. This plugin is aimed at server networks with creative server. You might have thought whether just disable redstone in your creative server or on your creative world, but this is not the best solution, but most importantly not the ONLY anymore! Creative means not just building empires. Inventing machines, testing a circuit, ... Redstone is a big part of it. You see.... this plugin is a MUST-HAVE for EVERY server!

How does it work?

I didn't want to disable clocks at all. Not every redstone clock is "bad". Some has kind of a good cause. Either way, no redstone clock may run too long and too quick. And this is what this plugin does. A clock is nothing else than redstone becoming activated and deactived in very short timestamps. This plugin counts the signal-changes (from on to off and from off to on). After a limit is reached, which you can configurate, the "over loaded" redstone replaces with a block. You can set which block. It may be air, then the redstone would just get removed and the circuit is stopped. You can set it to water, and the whole redstone clock will get flooded. But you can also set it to a sign with a specific text, which you can determine (to inform the player about what happen, but I would it use only on creative servers, because otherweise players would be able to cheat signs).

/rscpInforms about the name, the author, the version of the plugin and gives a little description-
/rscpReloads the config.ymlrscp.reload


# This is the maximum signal switches Redstone may experience before RSCP reacts
MaxSignalChanges: 1500
# The clock will be stopped by replacing a redstone with a block which you can decide here
# It can be STONE, WATER and even AIR, but if you want a written sign remember to write SIGN_POST
ClockBlocker: WATER
# This part is only relevant if ClockBlocker is set to SIGN_POST
# A sign has four lines. Edit them here.
  Line1: 'Redstone-Clocks'
  Line2: 'are'
  Line3: '&4FORBIDDEN!'
  Line4: ''
# Here you can add worlds in which the plugin should check on redstone clocks and stop them
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end


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