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I love vanilla crafting system, but hate to forget recipes and have to search online everytime, so i wrote this plugin to browse them in-game.


plugin appareance


Recipedia (formerly RecipeSearch) was inspired on many recipes plugins as Craftipedia, RecipesGUI, Essentials ("/recipe" command) and similar, bringing the best of each with some original additional features as: localized item name searches supported by client language files, inverse recipes search (with item as ingredient), recipes for held item, recipes for targeted block or entity, amongst others. 

I hate to switch windows to search recipes online while i am playing. I was an avid user of these plugins on my server and suggested many features but was never heard, sadly those plugins are now dead so i wrote my own and i like to share it with you. If you like this plugin (maybe you will) and like to make videos, please make one and tell me ;) 

Like all my other plugins, this is light and designed to enhance the vanilla minecraft experience instead of transform it totally, but also is the ultimate plugin i had dreamed of (see my other plugins <here>, follow them to get update notifications)... i think minecraft is a unique survival, building and colaborative game, if you like shooters or rpgs then you better dont mess it up and go play a good shooter or rpg.



  • localized item searches, powered by client language files (admin have to copy it)
  • inverse recipes, e.g. recipes in which item is an ingredient
  • support for workbench, furnace, blasting furnace, smoker, campfire and stonecutter recipes (updated in v2)
  • show recipes for item held in main hand
  • show recipes for targeted block or entity (e.g. selected with crosshair)
  • uses graphical interfaces with easy mouse operation
  • informative and friendly (improved in v2)
  • uses bukkit API to get server registered recipes (fast, light, compatible)
  • no dependencies needed (fast, light and compatible also)
  • can survive longer version changes with lower maintainance than others (updated in v2)
  • ordered search results divided in pages, up to 240 results (9 pages of 27 items each)
  • targets blocks with crosshair as well as entities
  • permissions support for each action
  • localization support for tooltips and status messages (inside config.yml)
  • 2 operation modes: result mode, recipe mode
  • history system in recipe browsing session (back to previous results/recipes, new in v2)
  • 'reload' subcommand for ops, to flush and reload data without server restart (new in v2)



  • /recipedia <keywords>: search recipes by item name (alias /r)
  • /recipehand: show recipes for item held in main hand (alias /rh)
  • /recipetarget: show recipes for targeted block or entity (alias /rt)


Usage example (search by name) 

  • suppose you forgot the name of fences, type "/r wood fenc" (the keywords order is important)
  • the interface opens, showing the item search results

see the green book at left?, now with this plugin it turned out useless :)


  • click any search result to view its recipe results
  • optionally you can click pages on quickbar to browse within page results 

displaying recipes list (3 recipes for same item), with the first one shown above


  • click any result to view its recipe at top

item tooltip showing number of recipes for the item and that the item is an ingredient for other recipes


  • optionally you can right click an item anytime to view the recipes with this item as ingredient
  • optionally you can click anywhere outside to go back to first search
  • you can close and return with [esc], [e] keys, or by right clicking outside


Mouse click operations 

  • left click an item: show item recipes
  • right click an item : inverse recipes list, i.e. with item as ingredient
  • quickbar: browse result pages
  • left click outside: back to previous results/recipes
  • right click outside : close gui and return to game (exit)


Operation modes

  • result mode: empty crafting grid with pages in hotbar, means container have a search result
  • recipe mode: grid with recipe with empty hotbar, means container have a recipes list 


Tips & documentation 

  • installation: put jar file in plugins folder and reload/restart server, compiled against java8
  • updating: backup and remove config.yml, reload/restart server to regenerate config.yml, update lang files if needed (read config.yml for instructions)
  • shapeless recipes starts from upper left corner, while shaped ones are centered, supported by hints in inventory titile since v2
  • Special recipes are not supported (see <this>), but 2 similar items can combined (shapeless) and the resulting one will have +5% durability bonus (but enchantments will be lost, <more info>)
  • for localized item name search to work, server admin must copy language files from same version client to plugin. You can find details in plugin.yml comments, is the most completed documentation for now
  • later i will push source code and tell you (gpl v3 license) (done <here>)
  • if /r alias collides you with another, you still can override it, read <this>


Planned | Unsupported | i-dont-know-how features

  • no mouse wheel support, not mentioned in whole api, looks like a client feature
  • can't disable recipe book advancements (the green one) temporarily while using plugin, there is no related event, also seems like a client feature
  • the plugin was not tested with custom recipes, it should work at load time if your plugin loads before and register recipes with standard bukkit api (but in v2 ops can use 'reload' subcommand)
  • no support for other recipe types ATM (e.g. brewing, enchanting, banners, fireworks, etc.), chances are it won't suport it (i also have no idea how to do it, see <this>)


Orgullosamente chileno



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