This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

RealisticsTorches v1.4.1
Add realism to your torches!

Because pictures are always better than thousand words:

You want to know what this simple plugin does? Fine. This plugin makes torches burn out after a certain amount of time and it can also make torches break or disappear when it's raining (only if they are touched by rain, not if they are protected). It's multiworld capable plugin, so for example they can only activate this plugin on a "adventure" world or have different settings for each worlds.

Feel free to post your suggestions, remarks or anything like that.


  • Torches burn out after a certain amount of time ;
  • Torches breaks or disappear when touched by the rain ;
  • New! Support of Jack-O-Lanterns.


# Copy this sample for each world you want RealisticsTorches to be active.
# worldname - The name of the world.
# DropTorches(Weather)? - Drop or destroy torches (Weather)?
# DropJack-O-Lanterns(Weather)? - Drop or destroy Jack-O-Lanterns (Weather)?
# DropTorches(Burnout)? - Drop or destroy torches (Burnout)?
# DropJack-O-Lanterns(Burnout)? - Drop or destroy Jack-O-Lanterns (Burnout)?
# ItemToDropTorches - The ID of the item to drop when torches are destroyed.
# ItemToDropJack-O-Lanterns - The ID of the item to drop when Jack-O-Lanterns are destroyed.
# BurnoutDelayTorches - Delay before torches burn out (0 = no burnout).
# BurnoutDelayJack-O-Lanterns - Delay before Jack-O-Lanterns burn out (0 = no burnout).
# WeatherIsEnabledTorches? - Will weather drop/destroy torches?.
# WeatherIsEnabledJack-O-Lanterns? - Will weather drop/destroy Jack-O-Lanterns?.
    DropTorches(Weather)?: true
    DropJack-O-Lanterns(Weather)?: true
    DropTorches(Burnout)?: true
    DropJack-O-Lanterns(Burnout)?: true
    ItemToDropTorches: 280
    ItemToDropJack-O-Lanterns: 86
    BurnoutDelayTorches: 300
    BurnoutDelayJack-O-Lanterns: 300
    WeatherIsEnabledTorches?: true
    WeatherIsEnabledJack-O-Lanterns?: true



  • All credits for the idea of this plugin go to Montpelier.


  • Burn out ; DONE IN 1.3
  • Support of Jack-O-Lanterns ; DONE IN 1.4
  • Interaction with snow?


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