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Hello, to this awesome plugin== NOTICE THAT WE DIDN'T ABANDONED THE PROJECT

NEW SERVER Have you ever wanted to play survival games or hunger games, but it just doesn't seem real? Well this is just the right place for you (THIS IS MY FIRST PLUGIN)

if you don't like boring games that have fake things like (hunger games is fake DUH this is RealisticHG this may not have real things)

but you just want to play for fun this is the right place for you it will have many features

This plugin, you wont disband it, it will be one of the best things you will ever think of (mabye lol)

with RealisticHG Cannons will go off when someone dies Without it, it wont ever seem real


NEED BETA TESTERS If you want to be a beta tester I will have a server open for testing when finish description will be re-edited when plugin finished

I'm not having issues,but I'm also making a fast medic plugin thats having issues, but this COULD take longer than expected D:

PERMISSIONS (IF SO) Permissions (IF SO) :::

rhg.default.*(join/help screen or joins a game) (soon I will have more team members, and I will add signs I might)

rhg.all.* (all permissions for admin/op)


description: help screen for realhg

default: everyone

permission: sg.


description: create an arena

permission: hg.create

default: op


description: delete an arena

permission: hg.delete

default: op


description: join an arena

permission: hg.join

default: everyone


description: sets settings (must reload)

permission: hg.setting

default: op

(F this plugin will have RealisticHG futures ( Mabye ) I am trying to plan it like this :

Cannons fired when a player dies (Might be fire balls,but wont do any damage)

Game take up to 5 seconds until grace period starts (You can set it in config file If possible)

you set chest and it refills after 15 minutes

Sponsor Bottles can be sent to a player ( Might be able to set in Config)

What happend so far ?

I am working on the commands

mostly commands are the most important (I think)

then I'll work on teliportation

soon i'll work on signs , but that will be on 0.5 I'm going to work on

there is lots to be done this could take about 1 day - 1 month (or longer)

what we also got done , but with sign tutorial!

Any Questions feel free to Private Message me (PM) :D tell me any bugs or errors :D:D:D


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