What is RealisticExplosives?

RealisticExplosives is a simple, yet fun tweak to explosions in servers. It makes it so instead of explosions simply removing the blocks they affect, blocks are blasted out in all directions!

Installation and Usage

To use RealisticExplosives, simply put the jar file you download into your plugins directory. After running or reloading the server, you can then edit the config file, which only has a few simple options. "chance" in config changes the percentage of affected blocks the are launched. "dropItems" determines whether the debris from explosions will drop items. You should probably keep that false. "effects" is whether you want explosions to give players that are too close a confusion potion effect or blindness effect. "excluded" is the list of block ID numbers that should not be hurled out after explosions. It is probably wise to keep this default.

Once you have the file in your plugins directory and configured, have fun blowing stuff up! :D

The only command in RealisticExplosives is "/realisticexplosives" or "/re" for short. It toggles the plugin on or off. The plugin defaults to on. The permission for this command is "realisticexplosives.toggle".

Source Code

RealisticExplosives is on Github!

See it for Yourself!

Check out RealisticExplosives in action at!


Thanks to Grushka for the second video!

Have Fun!


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