Created for Reeedruuum, realHunger makes eating more important. No longer will you have players dying by starvation just to come back with full hearts. realHunger enables you to set the health and hunger level players will respawn with.

NOTE: This plugin collects anonymous data using the popular library, Plugin Metrics. All anonymous data is publicly viewable at You can opt out of this at anytime through the Plugin Metrics configuration file, however it would be much appreciated if you stay opted in so I know how players use my plugin. :)


  • Very lightweight.
  • Simple to use and configure.
  • Automatic updating enabled.


  • /realhunger - This base command will show the help page.
  • /realhunger update - This will force realHunger to update to the latest version on BukkitDev.
  • /realhunger version - Shows realHunger version you have installed.
  • /realhunger reload - This will reload new options from the configuration file.


realHunger is a "setup and leave" type plugin. Once you set it up, it's good to go forever. Below are the configuration options you can set in the config.yml file.

updateCheck: true

If true, realHunger will automatically check for new updates on startup. This is HIGHLY recommended you keep this at true so you'll be informed of new features and critical bug fixes.

Hunger: 10

When players die by starvation, what hunger level would like them to respawn with? This integer must be between 1-20. 20 being a full hunger bar, and 1 being an empty hunger bar. It is recommended that you keep this above 5, so players will not die again from starvation on respawn.

Health: 10

When players die by starvation, what health level would like them to respawn with? This integer must be between 1-20. 20 being a full health bar, and 1 being an empty health bar.



I put hours of work into realHunger as a learning experience and hobby. If you enjoy using realHunger, please consider supporting the development and donating to keep the plugin going. Thanks!



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