Sell permission groups on your server! RankTimer allows administrators to create ranks players will be able to purchase. Once purchased players will gain permissions associated with that rank for a limited amount of time.

This plugin depends on Vault in order to hook into the economy and permission plugins vault supports.

Getting Started


RankTimer was designed for easy configuration. All configuration can be done in game, or through a configuration file.

In order to get started you will need to configure the "Default" rank.

You can do that with: /rtadd Default <cost> <groupname> <timespan> or by editing the config file which loads all ranks listed in that file through the /rtload command (the default rank is already in the configuration file and assumes the default rank has a groupname named 'Default' .

The default rank will be assigned to new players when they join. Timespan is measured in seconds. This may change in the future depending on plugin user recommendations. Once the purchased rank expires, users will downgrade to the default rank.


for information on available commands visit: Commands

Advanced Usage

If you would like to provide your players another means of purchasing ranks visit: Signs

Did you know?

Ranks not configured with the configuration file will not be saved when the server reloads.

Debug mode is provided in the configuration file and is its typically not turned on. Please only use debug mode only with the intention of submitting bugs. Debug mode may provide useful information when assessing problems with the plugin.

This plugin is fully tested with GroupManager from Essentials and PermissionsEx. But since it uses Vault, it should support other permission systems Vault supports

if you would like to contribute to the source you can find the git repository here: ranktimer


If you have any suggestions please leave them, or participate in the poll.


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