By popular demand, RankDisplayNames is a means to add ranks to chat display names for players based on their group or permissions. This was designed as an add-on to the GroupPermsLite light-weight group permission management plugin, but should work with any permission management plugin.

The idea is simple, you create your group permission structure as you like it, then you create your Rank display names complete with colour codes (if you want them), and then add the "ranks.membership.[whatever the rank ID is]" permission to each group you want to have a display prefix. Any player you add to that group, or assign that permission will have that rank. Simple, easy, no fuss, just set it up and get on with running your server.

Important note: This is an ADD-ON for a group permission management plugin, as such it DOES NOT handle adding players to Ranks. For that you must have installed and know how to use a permissions plugin to grant players the ranks.membership.[rank ID] permission for that rank

If you are not familiar with Bukkit permissions, you can read up on them here: Understanding Permissions and in the FAQ

If you have any trouble, you can find detailed instructions in the Tutorial


  • Simple and easy to manage ranks
  • Clear and concise command descriptions
  • Ability to create, edit and delete ranks while the server is running
  • Advanced users can manage ranks offline using the config YAML
  • Ranks tie in with the Bukkit permissions system, so can be assigned to players or groups using permissions
  • Supports colour codes for ranks using the % sign as well as §
  • Players holding to a rank will have it prefixed to their chat display name
  • Detects rank changes for players within a second and updates their display names accordingly
  • Sets player list names to match rank colour
  • If the TagAPI is installed, also sets player overhead name colour to match the rank
  • Supports LanguageAPI for international and multi-language servers (see Translations)

Possible Future Features

  • Full customisation for display names, including suffixes and possibly string mutations
  • Separate customisation for list tab names, including the option not to interfere with either name for compatibility with other plugins


Command Permission Description
/RankCreate [rank ID] [display name] ranks.commands.rankcreate (default op) Creates a new rank with the given ID and display name. Display names can contain colour codes and spaces, IDs cannot
/RankDelete [rank ID] ranks.commands.rankdelete (default op) Deletes an existing rank
/RankEdit [rank ID] [display name] ranks.commands.rankedit (default op) Changes the display name for an existing rank. Display names may contain colour codes and spaces
/RankList ranks.commands.ranklist (default op) Displays all ranks with their permissions and display names in order of precedence
/RankReload ranks.commands.rankreload (default op) Reloads ranks from the config.yml, allowing you to load in changes to it without restarting the server


  • ranks.admin (default none) - Grants all ranks.commands permissions
  • ranks.membership.[rank ID] (default none) - [rank ID] should be replaced with the rank ID, grants membership to a rank


  • Unzip RankDisplayNames.zip into your plugins directory
  • (Optional) If you want overhead display name colours, download and install TagAPI
  • (Optional) If you want to provide support for other languages, download and install LanguageAPI
  • Restart your server


Click here for Tutorial

Compatibility and Troubleshooting

This plugin will not be compatible with any other plugin that changes player display names, list names or overhead names. If you can, turn those features off, or disable those other plugins before enabling RankDisplayNames.

This plugin uses Java 7

If you get the followed error on starting up the server with this plugin installed "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0". This means you are using an out of date version of Java. If you don't know how to upgrade, please contact your server hosting provider and ask them for help in upgrading to Java 7, or contact Oracle customer support. Mac OS X users require JDK 7 instead of JRE 7.


If you'd like to contribute towards the continued development, support and maintenance of this project, please consider joining me on Patreon, and making a one-time or recurring pledge.


If you need help you can leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also join my IRC chatroom using the following link. Please note, I am not always at my keyboard! http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=XHawk87&prompt=1


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