RankDisplayNames is packaged into a zip file as it also contains language files. You can unzip it straight into your plugins folder. If you add the jar to plugins without also adding the RankDisplayNames/language files, you will not be able to use language support.

If you want players overhead names to be displayed in their rank colours, you should also download and install TagAPI. This is entirely optional.

If you want to provide multiple language support for RankDisplayNames, you should also download and install LanguageAPI. This is also entirely optional.

Restart your server.

Setting up Ranks

Here is an example set of ranks, in order of precedence (yours can be anything you want!):

  • [Admin] - That's you
  • [Mod] - Your happy helpers
  • [VIP] - People who gave you money
  • [Member] - Your regulars
  • [Newbie] - Just starting out

Choosing your Rank IDs

Rank IDs that appear earlier in alphanumeric order [0-9A-Za-z] are higher ranks, and those later are lower ranks. This is useful if players can hold more than one rank permission at a time, it will only use the highest rank out of those.

So you could use these IDs:

  • 1Admin - [Admin]
  • 2Mod - [Mod]
  • 3VIP - [VIP]
  • 4Member - [Member]
  • 5Newbie - [Newbie]

This will ensure that if a [Member] is also a [Mod] then only [Mod] will be displayed, as "2Mod" is less than "4Member".

Adding rank colours

You can add Minecraft colour codes to your display ranks, as many as you want. Most keyboards don't have a ยง key on their keyboard, so you can use % instead. If you want player list names and overhead names to display in a rank colour, you should add a colour at the very start of the rank display name. E.g.

  • 1Admin - %c[Admin] (This will be in bright red)
  • 2Mod - %e[Mod] (This will be in bright yellow)
  • 3VIP - %5[VIP] (This will be in purple)
  • 4Member - %9[Member] (This will be in blue)
  • 5Newbie - %2[Newbie] (This will be in dark green)

Using the RankCreate command

You can create this set of ranks using the following commands:

  • /RankCreate 1Admin %c[Admin]
  • /RankCreate 2Mod %e[Mod]
  • /RankCreate 3VIP %5[VIP]
  • /RankCreate 4Member %9[Member]
  • /RankCreate 5Newbie %2[Newbie]

If you make a mistake or need to modfiy a rank, you can use:

  • /RankEdit 3VIP %5[VIP]

If you make a mistake or need to delete a rank, you can use:

  • /RankDelete 3VIP

Then you can see how it all looks by typing:

  • /RankList

Using the config.yml

The format for the config.yml is very simple: "rankID: 'display name'"

Do not forget to place the single-quotes around the display name if it contains colour codes! E.g.

1Admin: '%c[Admin]'
2Mod: '%e[Mod]'
3VIP: '%5[VIP]'
4Member: '%9[Member]'
5Newbie: '%2[Newbie]'

You can reload the ranks from the config.yml while the server is running by typing:

  • /RankReload

Setting up Permissions

Here is how you could set up permissions for these ranks in GroupPermsLite:

  • /GroupGrantPerms all ranks.membership.5Newbie
  • /GroupGrantPerms members ranks.membership.4Member
  • /GroupGrantPerms vips ranks.membership.3VIP
  • /GroupGrantPerms mods ranks.membership.2Mod
  • /GroupGrantPerms admin ranks.membership.1Admin

You can also specifically override other ranks using negative permissions, preventing a player from having that rank.

  • /GroupGrantPerms members -ranks.membership.5Newbie (Members are not also Newbies)
  • /GroupGrantPerms vips -ranks.membership.4Member (VIPs are not also members or newbies)
  • /GroupGrantPerms vips -ranks.membership.5Newbie
  • /GroupGrantPerms mods -ranks.membership.3VIP (Mods are not also VIPs, Members or Newbies)
  • /GroupGrantPerms mods -ranks.membership.4Member
  • /GroupGrantPerms mods -ranks.membership.5Newbie
  • /GroupGrantPerms admins -ranks.membership.2Mod (Admins are not also any other rank)
  • /GroupGrantPerms admins -ranks.membership.3VIP
  • /GroupGrantPerms admins -ranks.membership.4Member
  • /GroupGrantPerms admins -ranks.membership.5Newbie

This has little effect at the moment, however if multiple ranks are enabled later, this will prevent it from displaying additonal ranks that you don't want, if a player happens to belong to multiple groups.

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