RangeBans - Ban IP Ranges;
Version: v1.03

This plugin was mainly made for offline-mode servers, where you cant really deal with dynamic IPs users.


  • Ban IP Ranges, hostnames
  • Except nicknames from these bans or use them as whitelist
  • Support for 'wildcards' (ex. 192.168.*.*, 90.120.128-192.*)
  • Permissions

Download RangeBans for 1.2.x!
Source and progress

Installation, Configuration:

All you need is just to simply grab .jar file into /plugins folder.
Additionally, u can set some values via config file (generated automatically):

  • broadcast-kicks: (true/false) Broadcast a message to operators player with banned IP range tries to join the server
  • broadcast-passes: (true/false) Broadcast a message to operators when player passes range ban due to an nickname exception
  • ban-msg: Message to show to banned player, supports colorizing
  • use-hostnames-as-whitelist: (true/false) Should plugin use hostname bans as whitelist?

    Bans and exceptions are stored in .txt files.

Commands, screenshots:

How to check somebody's IP range?
For example, for inetnum: -,
correct command would be: /rb ban 192.168.128-192.*
or simply /rb ban -


  • rb.* - full access
  • rb.reload - reload the plugin
  • rb.ban - ban and unban both IP Ranges and hostnames
  • rb.exception - add/remove exceptions
  • rb.check - check somebody's IP
  • rb.list - list bans/exceptions
  • rb.broadcast - receives message when a player is found on bans/exceptions list

Version 1.03

  • Hostname bans are now optional - no more freezes on playerjoin

Version 1.02

  • Performance tweaks

Version 1.01

  • Fixes critical bug with wrong IP parsing

Version 1.0

  • Permissions!
  • Feature to ban hostnames (ex. countries, providers - easier)
  • Added config option to use hostname bans as whitelist (ex. only whitelisted countries can join)
  • Updated to 1.1-R3, still compatible backwards
  • General code tweaks


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