Lightweight random teleport plugin.
Set up whole areas or single locations where players will randomly be teleport to/in.
Group teleports together and specify a sign for each one.
Adjust options to allow the teleport to caves or just the surface.
Avoid dangerous blocks like lava, cactus, etc or some other situations like spawning in midair.
This will also hook into Factions & GriefPrevention if you want and teleport to free non-claimed ('wilderness') spots.
You can even use WorldEdit selection to set up teleports.
This plugin was requested by danielfr789 here.


  • Add exact locations or whole areas for teleportation! (Supports WorldEdit selection.)
  • Define chances for each area/location and determine how often it will be used!
  • Set up a list with blocks, you don't want player to spawn on! (So noone can spawn in/upon lava!)
  • Customizable user messages! With color support!
  • Config file with comments and examples! Easy to understand & adjust!
  • Supports teleport delay! And adjust, if it is canceled on movement/damage!
  • Permission support! (Of course!)
  • Bypass delay & cooldown permission nodes!
  • Multiworld support!
  • Teleport signs! Disable the command and use the sign instead!
  • Configurable cooldown for the sign and the /rtp command.
  • Multiple locations / areas per world! No Limits!
  • Factions & GriefPrevention support! Option to just spawn in unclaimed wilderness of the teleport areas.
  • Also an Option to avoid spawning below the surface.
  • Chunk preload! don't fall in the void after teleporting!
  • Config check! This will tell you if your config isn't up to date anymore.
  • Sourcecode available! Just message me.


[] - optional statements
<> - variables (names / numbers)
quiet simple:

V1.30 +

* /rtp teleport [<group>]
* /rtp invite <player>
* /rtp join <player>
* /rtp reload [teleports|settings]
* /rtp list [<group>]
* /rtp add <teleportName> [<group>] [<chance>]
* /rtp remove <teleport>
* /rtp combine <teleport1> <teleport2>


V1.30 +

* randomteleporter.cmd.teleport - Gives access to the teleport command.
* randomteleporter.cmd.join - Gives access to the join command.
* randomteleporter.cmd.invite - Gives access to the invite command.
* randomteleporter.sign.teleport - Gives access to the [RandomTP] sign.
* randomteleporter.admin - Gives access to everything else.
* randomteleporter.bypass.delay - Gives access to bypass the delay.
* randomteleporter.bypass.cooldown - Gives access to bypass the cooldown.

DEV Version

If I extend or change the plugin in any way, there will be a development version. This may contain new bugs or cause errors.
However, it also includes all new features and bug fixes as soon as I can and they are noticed.
Dev versions will not be avaiable on bukkit (because they change really often), but they are avaiable at my CI and Blog.
Please note that only the versions of dev.bukkit were checked by moderators. And you use the development versions at your own risk.

Whats up next?

  • >> Ability to group multiple teleports together ... DONE
  • >> Suffocation bugfix ... DONE
  • >> ReCoding algotithms ... DONE
  • >> Worldedit area selection support ... DONE
  • >> ReCoding Commands ... DONE
  • >> Ability to follow a player to destination ... DONE

working on other projects :)

  • >> intuitive way to join groups ...
  • >> Towny support ...
  • >> Maybe your enhancement? Create a ticket, if you have great ideas to improve this!

Support Me

Because I do not speak English natively, there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes.
If you find some, please create a comment and tell me how it should be written. :)
I'll fix it as soon as possible.
If you want to donate, there is a button for this in the header.


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