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This plugin is a mod that allows Admins or whoever has the permissions to randomly teleport themselves or another player to a random set of coordinates. The maximum and minimum x and z values can be set in the config file, as well as whether or not the plugin uses PEX or OP's for permissions. Custom Cooldown are a feature that are set by default at 120 seconds for every player. RandomPort also adds options for RandomPorting players automatically on respawn/death, or when they use a nether portal (entering or leaving the nether). These can each be set to enabled or disabled, as well as if they occur to people with a permission or randomly. If they occur randomly, the frequency can also be set.

This plugin is great for hardcore and soft core PvP servers. Players may use RandomPort as a way to get right into the action and start building a base, with out having to wander through the wreckage of close to spawn bases. It also keeps everyone watchful and wary, as players may teleport nearby your base at any time!

PermissionsEx Nodes

  • randomport.portself
  • randomport.portother
  • randomport.deathport
  • randomport.netherport
  • randomport.nocooldown


  • /rp (RandomPorts the sender if they have permissions)
  • /rp <player> (RandomPorts the specified player if the sender has permission)

Change Log

3.0 Major Update

  • Added official support for latest craftbukkit build
  • Added additional information to the readme file for ease of use and fixed issue with the readme file generating incomplete text
  • Massive overhaul/rewrite of code, making the plugin significantly less memory intensive (and easier for me to update)
  • Added support for issuing RandomPort commands from the console
  • Added new permission to allow players to bypass cooldowns
  • Randomport now places players in the center of a block, rather than on the very edge (in order to prevent players from RandomPorting and falling off a cliff)
  • Fixed bug which reset player cooldowns if they logged out
  • Fixed bug which would teleport players underground and suffocate them
  • Fixed various other small bugs

2.0 Full Release

  • Added official support for CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.3
  • RandomPorting in the Nether is now fully functional! RandomPort with no fear of teleporting into or over lava, over the map, or out of the map!
  • Multiple bug fixes

2.0 Beta - It's finally here!

  • Added full support for CraftBukkit 1.4.6-R0.1
  • Many many bug fixes
  • Added a new permission to avoid cool downs on specific players
  • Keep in mind this is a Beta. As of now most features are working as intended. However, there have been problems using Random Port in the nether (teleporting into/under blocks). Use the beta at your own risk.


  • Added official support for CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1


  • Added official support for CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1


  • Added a custom cooldown option to the config
  • Fixed a permissions bug
  • Fixed a bug from Beta Build involving cooldown not stating proper time remaining


  • Fixed minor bugs from version 1.4/1.5
  • Many new additions to RandomPort
  • Added a ReadMe for ease of use


  • Fixed major bug from version 1.4
  • If you downloaded and run your server with version 1.4, delete your old config file!
  • Code cleaned up


  • Updated for 1.2.3-R.02
  • Added many new options to the config
  • Cleaned up code/More lightweight


  • Updated for all current builds support (1.1R-7 and 1.2.3-R.01)


  • Fixed another bug.


  • Fixed permissions bug.


  • Release!

If you enjoy this plugin, please consider donating to help development!


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