Plugin RandomBox adds random boxes (the items, that can drop you other random items) to your server.

Random box (or just box) is the item with custom name and lore (contains list of names and amounts of items, that can drop).




Configuring Plugin

You can read about Randombox configuration at documentation page.


  • /givebox <player> <box id>: gives box to player.
  • /openbox: opens the box in your hand.
  • /randombox, /rb: plugin info.
  • /randombox reload: reload config from disk.
  • /randombox list: show all boxes in config.
  • /randomblock create <box id> <cost or 0>: create a RandomBlock (it will open box gui, when player clicks on it).
  • /randomblock remove: remove RandomBlocks


  • randombox.*: Allows you to do everything.
  • randombox.main: Allows you to use /randombox command.
  • randombox.main.reload: Allows you to reload plugin config.
  • randombox.openbox: Allows you to open boxes.
  • randombox.givebox: Allows you to give boxes.
  • randombox.infinitebox: The box will not dissapear after opening (to use this permission, you need to set "useInfinitePermission" to true).
  • randombox.open.<box id>: Allows you to open boxe with <id>. Checks, only if value checkPermission in box config set to true.
  • randombox.open.*: Allows you to open all boxes. Checks, only if value checkPermission in box config set to true.
  • randombox.randomblock: Allows you to create and remove RandomBlocks.






  • Added gui customization
  • Added effects for boxes
  • Added support for variable amount of items in stacks
  • Added support for %box% and %item% strings in broadcast messages
  • Added 'inBoxLoreFormat' setting for items
  • Added 'data' key for box item
  • Added 'skullOwner' key for boxes and drop items (works when item = 397 & data = 3)
  • Box parse errors are printed when /givebox executed
  • Removed support for placing box id in box item's data
  • Removed 'gui' and 'fillers' keys from main config, now every box has it's own gui settings
  • Added full plugin documentation on Bukkit


  • Added full customization of boxes lore
  • Fixed stackable boxes


  • Bugfixes


  • You can create RandomBlocks - blocks, that can open RandomBox gui (or just give you random items) when you clicking on it. These blocks can take some money (requires Vault and some economy plugin) from players, if its' cost is more than 0. New command have been added - /randomblock <create...|remove>
  • Now you can set a limit to item list in box lore. Set "loreLimit" parameter in box config to some value, and box lore will be truncated (-1 or any negative number will remove lore at all).


  • Fixes error in console, that appears when a box opened and gui is disabled
  • Fixed items' amount decreasing


  • Now box disappears when gui opens, if gui closes, random items (not from gui) will drop.
  • If there is not enough space in inventory, dropped items will drop near player
  • Added simple selectors for /givebox command: @p, @a and @r. Also, you can specify players amount in square brackets: for example, @p[10] will select ten near players


  • Randomized drop delay
  • Fixed long drop time


  • Fixed stopping GUIs
  • Fixed startup error on Bukkit 1.5.2
  • Fixed metrics error on Bukkit 1.5.2


  • Now boxes stores in separate files in 'boxes' directory.
  • Now locales stores in separate files in 'locales' directory.
  • Configurations from old versions will be automatically split.
  • Box setting 'enchant' has been replaced with 'addGlow' setting. Setting 'encnantment' in main config has been removed.
  • Added 'fillers' setting in main config, now you can set gui fillers to your items.
  • Bugfix: now when gui closes item giving will be cancelled.


  • Added gui for boxes. You can disable it by setting "gui" in config to false.
  • Optimized items select method.
  • Now for every item you must set valid material and amount more than 0.


  • If item has "dontAssignName" option set to true, then item stack won't have a name.


  • Added "useDataValue" setting in config. If it set to true, then box id will be write in data value, instead of lore. Not recommend use it on 1.8, because boxes will show as blocks with "missing texture".
  • If some item in box has missing name, then that box will not be parsed.


  • Plugin has been completely rewritten, and performance has been improved.
  • Now boxes parses when plugin enables, and parsing errors printing in console.
  • /rb list command now shows items in boxes, and commands that assigned to items.
  • Added broadcast function: if item has "broadcastMessage" string in config, then when that item drops, specified message will broadcasts to all players.

"Unacceptable character '?' (0xFFFD)"

If you are getting this error when server starts, add "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" argument in your server launch script.

Boxes have been parsed, but doesn't open!

Check whether the box id starts with 0. If so, remove these zeros; if not - write a bug report :)



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