The fun way to ban and annoy people!

What is RageBan2?

RageBan is a plugin made to irritate players! Make those griefers ragequit with frustration!!

What features does RageBan2 have?

RageBan currently has one command:

/annoy [player] Toggles annoy mode for that player

When a player is annoyed they will be plagued with lots of irritating features:
- Explosions (all fake, no world damage!)
- Notifications of everything
- Reversed chat messages
- Boiling hot blocks! (don't touch them!)
- Reversed damage
- More coming soon, post below with suggestions!

What permissions does RageBan2 have?

RageBan.annoy - Able to use /annoy
All permissions are OP by default.

What bugs does RageBan2 have?

At the moment I have fixed all of the bugs that I know of, but if you find any please report them to me via the Support Ticket system, or send me a PM.

What new features are planned for RageBan2?

I don't know. Comment below!

If you love my plugin, donate if you want :)
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Note: The plugin name is RageBan2 - not RageBan - for plugin loader people.
Note: Needs ProtocolLib!


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