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1.8-1.11 compatible!

What is RageGames?

RageGames is a funny game, where you have 3 Items: Bow, Knife and Combat Axe. You can shoot with the bow and the arrows explode when they hit something. The Knife does one hit kills and if you throw the combat Axe you can get extra points.


  • Scoreboard
  • EnderDragon-Bar with last kill
  • Points-System (PointsAPI)
  • Killstreaks
  • Multiple games
  • Join signs
  • Exploding arrows
  • Explosion damage
  • Language per Player
  • Sound effects
  • No other plugins required
  • Stats
  • Break glass with arrows


  • Website stats
  • New sign design
  • Add vault support
  • Add an optional charge to join a game (points or money)
  • /leave ingame to leave the game
  • Request a feature


# Should the updater be enabled?
updater: true
# How long should the game be (in Minutes)
time: 8
# Use the scoreboard?
scoreboard: true
# Use the EnderDragon-Bar
bar: true
# Destroy glass with arrows for 10 seconds
destroy-glass: true
# Should the server shut down, when a game ends? (for BungeeCord-Servers)
shutdown-on-game-end: false
# The prefix
prefix: '&7[&6RageGames&7] &b'
# When should the game start?
start_players: 4
# Ignore this (Data)
games: {}

Join signs

You can create only one join sign per game

How to create a sign:

  1. [rm]
  2. gameName

How the sign looks:

  1. [RageGames]
  2. gameName
  4. 5/16

Commands & Permissions

Command Permission Description
/rm   Default command
/rm help   Show all commands
/rm add [name] [maxplayers] rm.setup Add a new game
/rm remove [name] rm.setup Remove a game
/rm setlobby [name] rm.setup Set the lobby location
/rm setleave [name] rm.setup Set the leave location
/rm addspawn [name] rm.setup Add a new spawnpoint
/rm join [name] rm.play Join the game
/rm join [name] rm.vip Join a full game
/rm leave [name]   Leave a game
/rm stats {player} rm.stats(.others) See the stats of the player
/rm stop [name] rm.manage Stop a game
/rm start [name] rm.manage Start a game


Metrics and Updater

When you set "opt-out: false" in PluginMetrics config, your server sends anonymous information about your server, player, Bukkit version, Java version, server location and the Minecraft version. I try to give the plugin better adapt to you and to continue to improve.

If you set "updater: true", the plugin automatically loads down the latest version. This is not dangerous because the plugin is previously checked thoroughly by the Bukkit team.


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