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What is it?

QuizGame is a lightweight plugin, which allows you to create questions with answer list, which are automatically broadcasted to whole server. When somebody answers correctly, they receive random reward from list.
Created for this request.

How to use

  • Download QuizGame.jar for your server version
  • Stop your server
  • Put downloaded file into your plugins folder
  • Start your server
  • Edit config.yml if you want to (remember to do /quiz reload when you edit config, otherwise your changes won't take effect)
  • Profit!


Unlimited answers per question*
Unlimited number of answers*
Unlimited number of rewards*
Item rewards with enchantments, custom name and lore
Money rewards (requires Vault and an economy plugin supported by it)
* Unlimited means limited to 2,147,483,639 entries - Java limitation

Questions and rewards

All questions and rewards are set up in config.yml. Click here to learn how to format them.


/quiz startStarts a quiz
/quiz stopStops a quiz
/quiz reloadReloads configuration
/quiz top5Shows top 5 players with most correct answers


PermissionDescriptionDefault state
quiz.startAllows you to use /quiz startop
quiz.stopAllows you to use /quiz stopop
quiz.reloadAllows you to use /quiz reloadop
quiz.top5Allows you to use /quiz top5true

To Do
  • Add commands /quiz stats and /quiz stats <player>
  • Non-random question listing
  • Special rewards per question
  • Message when question is broadcasted and no player answered previous question correctly
  • Fix any found bugs
Known caveats
  • None known


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