Looking for a plugin to spice up your RPG server? Need a faster way to switch through items while PVP'ing? 9 Slots in quickbar not enough for you?

Introducing QuickBar+


Ever tired of having to look into your inventory because your quickbar is full? Well, today is your lucky day, Introducing the plugin 'QuickBar+' You now will never have to worry about dying while opening your inventory. QuickBar+ is a simple lightweight drag and drop plugin allowing you to access 32 items via the hotbar (All your inventory counts as the 32 items). QuickBar incorporates a scrolling mechanism at the start and end of the hotbar that allows you to swap rows in your inventory in and out. Uses everything in your inventory as the items so you won't need to open it every time you need to use an item.


  1. Download the latest version of QuickBar+
  2. Drop into your plugins folder
  3. (Optional) Permissions and commands
  4. (Optional) Toggle Update Checking, Auto Update in the config
  5. (Optional) Toggle OptInMode

How to use

Because this plugin doesn't need Spout , this plugin does not have scroll icon features

  1. You can Scroll up and down to change quickbars
  2. If you want to use scrolling to get to the items of the same bar scroll faster and the quickbar wont change
  3. (Optional) Control toggling using QuickBar commands


If you don't want all your players to use QuickBar+.
Give them the anti permission node: - -quickbar.use
NOTE: By default all players have this node, Anti-Node the player or group who isn't allowed to use it
Click HERE to go to the commands and permissions page.


This plugin also supports OptInMode (Default: false). By default, any player will be able to use quickbar when they first join the server. If you want them to opt in before being able to use the plugin since it changes the functionality of the hotbar, set this option to true in the config.

Players will now need to use /quickbar to opt in to using quickbar. The plugin will remember players that have opt'ed in before.

UpdateChecking / AutoUpdating

This plugin now uses Gravity's Updater class. This means that the plugin will connect to the dev.bukkit.org website to gather information about the plugin when there is an update and weather to download it automatically. This is configurable inside of the config.yml so if you don't want the functions feel free to set UpdateCheck/AutoUpdate to false

To-Do List

  • Change quick bar using arrow keys
  • Command to allow toggling of another player

Source Code

Feel free to use the source code for learning Source


Version 1.6

  • Update to support Minecraft/Spigot versions 1.6.4 -> 1.14.4+
  • Fixed issue where armor and off-hand slots were being wiped/bugged out when using quickbar
  • Adding config option "OptInMode" (Default false). This allows server owners to have their players opt in first by using /quickbar before they are able to use quickbar

Version 1.5

  • Update to support Minecraft/Spigot versions 1.6.4 -> 1.13+
  • Update updater from 2.0 -> 2.4 (gravity) -> 3.0.3 (timru31) to work with CurseForge
  • Add bStats for metrics
Version 1.4
  • Updated to Minecraft/Craftbukkit 1.6.4
  • Changed to Gravity's Updater class
  • Added Automatic Updates (configuration)
  • Added new permission nodes:
    - quickbar.help
    - quickbar.toggleall.on
    - quickbar.toggleall.off
    - quickbar.toggleall.*
  • Added new commands:
    - /quickbar info
    - /quickbar - now toggles quickbar for the player
    - /quickbar help
    - /quickbar on
    - /quickbar off
Version 1.3
  • Added Advanced permissions Support
Version 1.2
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2
  • Added UpdateChecking
  • Added Plugin info Command
Version 1.0
  • QuickBar+ allowing to pan through all 32 slots
  • Initial release

Special thanks

Special thanks to @bergerkiller for helping out with the code and thank you all for download QuickBar+

Dont forget to leave feed back :)


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