qTrade v1.3.3


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    Mar 4, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.1



  • Fixed to not show "internal error" when you trade an offline player

  • Fixed name completion

  • "items/money missing" error now shows "items missing" when economy is disabled

  • Added warning message when Vault finds no economy plugin and "use-economy" is true


  • Removed unnecessary permissions checks

  • Add "trade-between-modes" option to config.yml

  • Cleaned up some bad code


  • Replaced some incomplete checks


  • Added economy support

    - Trade usage now "/trade <player> <item ID> <amount> OR /trade <player> <money> " (For example, /trade Loud $50)

    - Offer usage now "/offer <item ID> <amount> OR /offer <money>" (For example, /offer $50)

    - Requires Vault and an economy plugin, or economy support will be disabled (economy support is optional, it will be normal item trading otherwise)

    - Messages sent to players will be different if economy support is disabled

    - "use-economy" option now in config.yml (defaults to false)

    - Balance is checked before the trade is completed.

  • Added "qtrade.receive" permission, players must have this to receive trades

    - Trading a player who does not have this permission will give the sender an error

  • Added "trade-between-worlds" option in config (defaults to false)

  • Updated version in plugin.yml to "1.3" in stead of "1"


  • Fixed the usage message on "/trade" to get rid of the error message


  • Added a missing statement to check if the given argument is a valid item


  • Added logging of completed trades
  • Added usage message on "/trade" (no arguments)


  • Initial release
  • Only supports one stack of items at a time (fix planned, but not being worked on)
  • Enchantments will be lost upon trading (fix planned, hopefully soon)
  • Source is a huge unreadable mess :D
  • No really, it's impossible to read and isn't written very well
  • Apparently I broke something