Allows players to decide whether or not they want PvP to be enabled or disabled, and stops PvP attacks when either the attacker or defender has PvP disabled. Also allows admins to toggle global or world-specific PvP, or the PvP status of a specific player, in a specific world. Muti-world compatible, Permissions compatible.

Latest version: v3.0.0


  • Pretty much stated above, but hey, here they are anyway:
  • Individual, player-specific enabling or disabling of PvP
  • Global PvP control
  • World-specific PvP control
  • Automatically enable PvP in combat
  • Permissions support - only allow certain groups or players access to specific functions
  • Multiworld support - configure which world you want the plugin to be active in
  • Cooldown timer - set time since last conflict in seconds before users can disable PvP again
  • Blocks projectile PvP damage (including damage from Arrows, Snowballs and Fireballs!)
  • Block thrown poisonous potion damage
  • Warmup timer - set time since enabling PvP in seconds before users can PvP
  • Pick between three different commands
  • Set your own custom messages on PvP and command events
  • WorldGuard PVP flag integration!


To install this plugin, all you have to do is place it in your Bukkit plugins folder, and run the server (or reload it) once. This automatically generates a configuration file. That's it! The plugin is now installed.

To read more information about how to set up the configuration, see the Configuration page. Or, to see what permissions you need to give your users for them to be able to use certain commands, see the Permissions page.


PvPToggle now has the functionality to allow you to set the command which it should use! This is settable in the configuration file, and by default, will be set to "/pvp". All command functionality of PvPToggle is accessed via one command.

Basic command overview:

/pvpToggle own PvP status
/pvp [status|on|off]Set or check own PvP status
/pvp [status|on|off] <player> [world]Set, reset or check another players' PvP status. Add [world] argument to work in specific world
/pvp w:<world> [status|on|off|reset]Check, set or reset world-wide PvP status of specified world
/pvp global [status|on|off|reset]Deals with server-wide plugin operations - used to enable, disable, reset or check status of server-wide global PvP
/pvp region [add|remove] <region> <world>Adds or removes a WorldGuard region from PvPToggle's usage

For more detailed information on usage of each command, see the commands page!
For more detailed information on region management and WorldGuard integration, see the WorldGuard Integration page!


  • Blocking potion and fire damage
  • Time-based PvP restrictions
  • Announcements

For support, bugs and feature requests, DON'T COMMENT, please start a ticket instead!


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