A simple, lightweight plugin that allows players to control whether or not they are allowed to PvP.


  • With one simple command, players can choose to enable or disable their ability to PvP
  • Configurable cooldown for how often a player can toggle PvP on and off
  • If a player has PvP disabled, they cannot take damage from or deal damage to other players
  • Players with PvP enabled cannot deal damage to those with PvP disabled
  • Admins can override a player's PvP state
  • Control if players have PvP enabled/disabled by default when they join the server
  • Depending on the player's PvP state, the name above their head changes colors, green if enabled and red if disabled

Commands & Permissions

  • /pvptoggle | Main command to toggle PvP. If PvP is enabled, this will disable it and vise-versa | Permission: pvptoggle.player.use
  • /pvpadmin <player> | The admin command to toggle any player's PvP state | Permission: pvptoggle.admin.use



  • Download Plugin -> Drag and Drop into your Plugins Folder -> Configure to your liking -> Done!


  • This plugin has a built-in update checker. You can toggle update checking on and off via the config file.

Here's an example configuration file:

#------------[PvP Control]------------#
# Original concept by Bukkit Forums User Generalaloki #

# Contact Info #
# YouTube: www.youtube.com/TheGamingGrunts #
# Bukkit Forums: http://forums.bukkit.org/members/the-gaming-grunts.90861788/ #
# Our server: play.project-x.me #

# Control the delay (in seconds) for how often a player can toggle PvP
Toggle Delay: 180

# Control whether pvp is enabled/disabled by default when a player joins
PvP Enabled: true

# Control if the name above a player's head should change color
Do Color Change: true

# Color for the player's name if PVP is enabled
Enabled Color: '&c'

# Color for the player's name if PVP is disabled
Disabled Color: '&a'

# Control whether or not the plugin should check Bukkit Dev for new versions
# If set to true, the plugin will check for updates
Update Check: true


  • Add multi-language support via a messages.yml file (In progress)
  • Add a configuration option to enable or disable changing player nametag colors (In progress)
  • Anything the community wants. Want something added? Tell me!


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