PvP Kill Announcer

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

New 4.0 Beta!, download here!

Leaderboards - Killstreaks - Announcements - Whats more to ask? New kill announcer image

Works with 1.3.1, download: http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/609/380/KillAnnouncer.jar

Very much thanks to unv_annihilator & beatcomet for letting me use parts of their leaderboard code! And, very very much thanks to PigPlushy for writing a tutorial on how to setup the leaderboard via web:)

Beta 4.0

The 4.0 beta contains interaction with PvP Arena, disabling kilstreaks when inside an PvP arena and fixing that so <player> now responds and working somehow, the leaderboard seems a bit buggy in 4.0 beta, thats why i release a beta build, im trying my best to fix it:)

Note: for 3.0, the smackdown announcement does NOT work, will fix in 3.0.1

Ever wanted to let your PvP server have custom killstreaks? custom kill messages? Kill/death/KD leaderboard Now you can! With PvP Kill Announcer you can easily create custom colored kill messages (Killstreak messages to) & have a leaderboard based on MySQL so you can do it via web too!

Download 3.0 now!

New in 3.0

  • Added fully functional reward system!

How do i setup my MySQL database?

You need phpMyAdmin & Appache For a how to, please click here (Updated!)

Color codes:

  • &a - Aqua
  • &b - Blue
  • &r - Red
  • &p - pink
  • &y - yellow
  • &w - white
  • &bl - black
  • &go - gold


  • Fully functional killstreak announcer.
  • new! Leaderboard!
  • Color suport.
  • Easy understund configuration file.
  • Much much more..


  • /killannouncer or /ka - displays the help page
  • /kareload - reloads the configurations file
  • /katoggle - toggle announcements on/off
  • /stats - Shows your stats!
  • /topstats - Shows the top players on your server! (based on kills )


Okay so there is not any permission on who can get killstreak or not, every one can get killstreaks. Every OP will also be able to use these commands.

  • ka.help - the help command.
  • ka.reload - reloads the config file (if you have changed text or something and dont want to restart your server)
  • ka.toggle - Toggle kill announcer on/off
  • ka.stats - shows your stats!
  • ka.topstats - Shows the top players on your server! (based on kills )


  • Leaderboard Done!
  • Smackdown - kills player with the highest killstreak
  • Payback - revenge!
  • Reward system? Done!


- When doing it via web, it creates a new table for each kill, NOT INGAME, INGAME is working just fine:)


Stats by MCStats.org Stats


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