ProjectileHeads PvP Minigame

Have you ever wanted a Lightweight arena plugin on your server? Have you ever wanted it to be simple to install, setup and configure? Well you have more than definitely come to the right place! ProjectileHeads Is an awesome battle game with heads that have special abilities. Turrets can be used to battle players, and mini-zombies can be spawned to distract your enemies. Once you've completed all quests on the quest map, you become a PRO Rank. Granting you access to the exclusive PRO Shop! So what are you waiting for, Download ProjectileHeads now!

Awesome test server. Visit: Owner: jenbot1000

Here is what people are saying about ProjectileHeads:
  • "I love this plugin, and so do users! Great job :D" - HKDittrich
  • "ProjectileHeads is cool :)" - kurwajegomac
  • "Brilliant plugin" - XxCobWebxX
  • "Love your plugin , i use it in my server! Thank you very much .. This plugin should be installed in every servers !" - PespiGam3r
  • "Seems a awesome plugin!" - SPaRTaNMaDNeSS
  • "i love the video :D!" - bobberto7
  • "I love your plugin! I have installed it and my users love it!" - HKDittrich
  • "Nice plugin, a great alternative to SCBB!" - ltjim007
  • "Hi great plugin, I was wondering if you have any maps this is a really cool plugin and I'm so gonna use it on my server! :D You've done a great gob :D !" - mcprogamer


  1. Firstly, you need to make an arena. Make this in your main world and place it away from people's reach.
  2. Type /phadmin to gain the admin tool.
  3. Instructions will be given to you on how to set the spawn of the arena and the signs.
  4. Follow these and then enjoy your plugin!
    • Tip: Place Arena away from spawn and in the air. Put Signs in spawn area and use the tool to set them. Only Ops can use the admin tool

The Author

Check out my Website Here


  1. Left_Click the 6 Mob heads to perform special abilities!
  2. Currency system
  3. Insane amount of scoreboard variables!
  4. Admin tool
  5. Join signs.
  7. Easy Sign Creation
  8. /phadmin for operators
  9. Fast Paced
  10. Extremely easy to install
  11. Upgrade your weapons!
  12. Inventory Saving and Auto Respawn
  13. Quest Map Item
  14. Quests
  15. Holographic Warning Tags
  16. Turrets
  17. Turret Shop


To make the plugin super lightweight, there are none! Because everything is taken care of!

People playing ProjectileHeads

Video Created By: LtJim007

  • Thank-you very much for this informative and entertaining video!

Video Created By: MinecraftNerdsOwn

  • A huge than-you for making this video. It's engaging and represents all functions of the plugin extremely well.

Video Created By: TheGreatStarOffun

  • Again, thank-you for creating this video!

What am I working on now?

  1. Gamemodes such as King of the hill


  • Coding & ideas: creepers84
  • Ideas & testing: Pokemon369


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