Project Rocket Jump

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Notice: Project Rocket Jump is my first plugin, so there will be bugs. PM me for any bug fixes you want or any sort of improvement in general.


Project Rocket Jump is about fully implementing the Team Fortress 2 soldier class into Minecraft. Mainly rocket jumping, air strafing, and the famous Market Gardner. I have noticed that many Minecraft "TF2" servers do not correctly implement many of the classes well, or correctly. They are simply giving the wrong appearance of tf2 to those who have never even possibly seen the game. Even if the servers did actually implement some the the classes correctly, they didn't go down the the very fine detail. Working together with Supereed (a TF2 player since 2010 who knows everything including the physics, bullet spread, etc), we plan on making Project Rocket Jump the best, most accurate migration from the Team Fortress 2 Soldier, to the Minecraft Soldier.

Update 1

Implementation if rocket jumping going well, however air strafing is missing, making it "nothing like tf2 rocket jumping" Supereed(Mains soldier)

Update 2

Shot gun has been partially implemented. Follows spread pattern with 9 pellets (arrows). Plans on implementing no spread confiremed :D

Update 3

Market Gardner has been fully implemented. Inflicts instant kills on while rocket jumping, and does no damaged while not rocket jumping(will be changed)


Q: What is rocket jumping exactly? A: Rocket Jumping is when a player jumps, crouches, and launches a rocket at their feet?

Q: What is rocket jumping in this plugin? A: Jump and launching a potion by right clicking with stone hoe?

Q: GAH WHAT ARE THE WEAPONS A: stone hoe(291) is the rocket launcher, wooden hoe(290) is the shot gun, diamond spade(277) is the market gardner


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