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== Plugin Description == KeepthatItem is a plugin that will allow you to assign a Certain item to stay in a players inventory the Whole time, (Ex. Hypixel the objects stay in your hotbar.)
This plugin was created for the originally meant for CompassNav to allow players to keep ta item but not be able to get rid of a certian item. For example you go on the server and you receive a Compass for instance, but the compass won't be able to be moved or dropped! We will also be setting a config that will allow you to set the item you don't want to drop, we plane on releasing within a month or two!
Features *Note still in Development! Going to be a BIG Update! - Spawn with item - Can't Move item - In game reload - Sound Effects - Setable items - Setable Messages - Setable Slot - Disabled shift click on item - Player Join Sound Effect!
== **Plugin Support ** == - Website: Click Here
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  • Please note that it takes a Maximum of 24hrs to respond
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