Townships v1.0.3-b061


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    Sep 16, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


  • Added optional town prefixes. Add "use-town-prefixes: true" to config.yml to turn them on.
  • Added a really nice menu for buying region blueprints and building new regions.
  • Added a ton of other features I'll eventually get around to describing. For now, look at the sample configs that come with the download for examples.


  • Fixed a fatal bug with effect powershield that was causing it not to work
  • Added a feature that allows you to limit the number of regions in a super-region. This example would limit this region to a max of 5 in a town:
  • Fixed a fatal bug with denyblockbreak
  • You can now use OR requirements for blocks in the requirements list


With v2.0.1 I fixed a bug that would improperly add items to inventories. Also I added display names to items that have damage values so they no longer display the ambiguous material names.

I tested all of the new features, but this version is hot out of Netbeans so I'm slapping the beta label on it to be safe. Use at your own risk. It should be good.

  • Item entries in region configs have changed. The new format and features are completely backwards compatible so your existing configs should be fine. Here's an example of the format:
- 17.3
- LOG.1.3

In this example, the region will output 3 oak logs and 3 spruce logs. You can use the material name or the id number. Note that the damage value is inserted before the quantity.

- LOG.0.64.25,LOG.1.32.25,LOG.2.16.30,

This example tells HeroStronghold to give you a 25% chance to get 64 oak logs (LOG.0.64.25), 25% chance to get 32 spruce logs (LOG.1.32.50), 30% chance to get 16 birch logs (LOG.2.16.30), or 20% chance to get 16 jungle logs ( If you want to require one item or another, you put them on the same line and use commas to separate them. The 4th number indicates the chance of getting each item. If the chance is not included, HeroStronghold will default to 100% chance.

  • HeroStronghold will now recognizes logs of the same type with different orientations
  • Updated to the latest beta build 1.7.9
  • Potential fix for EffectPowerShield not working. I included it in the effects folder so be sure to update it!
  • charters are not saved and will be erased if the plugin is turned off
  • /hs reload doesn't work. Please don't use it
  • Arrowturrets might still be able to hurt people with godmode/creative/vanish.
  • Arrowturret damage ignores armor